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how long can i store un frosted cupcakes if i bake them on a Tuesday will they be fresh enough and ok to consume on the Saturday?? i have a large order to do and i don't want to have to freeze and defrost cupcakes so i need to know how many days in advance i can make them thanks :)

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If you wrap them well with plastic and refrigerate them after baking and completely cooling them on Tuesday, they will keep until Saturday.

I hope you did not put them in the frig.  The will dry them out.  Put them in the frz instead. 

Freezing - when well wrapped in plastic or in an airtight container stops drying out and going stale.

Refrigerating causes them to dry out.  Almost all friges are now 'frost free' which causes everything to dry out and go stale much faster - even when wrapped :(

I have to disagree with Lynne, I've had no experience with them drying out from being refrigerated--but it could depend on how you wrap them, how cooled they are, etc.  I wait until they are completely cooled to room temperature (this means there is no more steam leaving them, then wrap them twice with good plastic wrap.  I have even put a paper towel under them, and they don't dry out on me. I also leave them in the paper liners. Maybe my fridge doesn't have that drying out feature.  Freezing them is fine though.  You thaw them out in the fridge and they have less problem with 'sweating", which is their moisture condensing on the wrap/container.

The only way to know is to try both ways for yourself, and see which works for you. 

Ultimately, the best solution would be to bake them the day before you need them.

.Cyn said: .....The only way to know is to try both ways for yourself, and see which works for you. ....


You are so right on this point :)  What works for one might not work the same for another. 

When one has orders for 100s of cuppies its not easy to bake them all the day before, so we have to do them ahead.


The experiences I have had is right up there with Lynne.  Refrigerating has dried out my cuppys and cakes, where as, wrapping them well and putting them in the freezer will/has seal(ed) in the moisture and keep them nice and fresh.  (Just froze 2 dozen yesterday) :-)

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