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It's true you know - Things really do get better with age, time, and practice.

Although I hate to admit is sometimes, I am getting older, but I also think I am getting better. The older I get, the more I like myself and who I've become, I understand more, I've learned what is important and worth fighting for, and I look forward to what the future brings. My youngest just graduated high school about a month ago and is getting ready to leave for college. I am so excited for him, and my hubby and me! I had worried over the house being empty and quiet - not knowing what to expect - but my youngest decided to go away for the summer, so I have gotten a taste of "empty nest" early. I like it! I never knew my house could be so quiet and peaceful...LOL! I've had time to work with my hubby on several projects we've wanted to do for years, enjoy friends and family that visited us this summer, and actually skip cooking supper and not feel guilty about it. I've also had time to play with my cakes, designs, recipes, and cake toys.

I am more and more pleased with my cakes. I can see a huge difference in my designs and techniques. I even learned how to fix a cake I dropped. Don't worry, I dropped it on a clean cooling rack on my counter. I totally destroyed the buttercream that I had just finished hand painting. I just love hot water, don't you?

To all of you out there facing an empty nest, find something you love to do and make it all your own. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Take time for yourself - you've dedicated a huge chunk of your life to others, now it's your turn- you deserve it!

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