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Got an email today from Next Great Baker producer and they want me to send a video and pictures of my top 10 cakes!!! I'm floored! Any suggestions on what to put in the video??? I'm stumped! And I only get 72 hours to get it uploaded to YouTube!!

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I saw your posting on fb, but didnt realize who it was till now. CONGRATS EILEEN!!!!!! GOOD LUCK I KNOW YOU WILL DO GREAT!!!!!
Thanks Tracey!

Yay for you Eileen!!!!!


You are a funny I know your video will be awesome!!!!

Congratulations to making it this far!  I hope you continue to glide right on through and then we get to see you on TV!
WOW!  That is so great!!  Congratulations!  Your cakes are definitely "Next Great Baker" material!!  I can't wait to see you on TV!  I think if you video where you do your fabulous work, and show some of your favorite things to do, one would hope that's what they're looking for!  Maybe do a mock-cake and show some of your favorite decorating ideas.  You'll do great!  Good luck!
Great news!!! I would love to do something like that but my dumb knees and back would never stand up under their demanding schedule. Hope you do well!
Oh my God, Eileen, that's amazing! Keep us updated!
CONGRATULATIONS, ....good luck.

So excited for you!  Just joined this site today, I now live in Tennessee, but am a Wisconsin native, and my Mom is from Antigo, so sure hope you make it.  I will be rooting for you!  I looked at your cake photos, they are beautiful.  I can tell you are a perfectionist.


Hello Eileen, I'm new also to this community, I just joined like one week ago, I saw your pictures they are all

fantastic :)

Congratulations and good luck!

Your work is fantastic - I'm sure you will make the final cut.  However, are you sure you want to be on this show?  I've talked to others who have been on similar shows, including one who won.  I have not heard a single good thing about the experience. 


All I'm saying is: Just proceed with caution.

Congratulations, Eileen.  Good luck!!

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