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Thank you, everyone who entered the Winter Tiered Cake Contest. 

Voting will begin tomorrow, January 7, and will go through January 11.  New members will not be approved during this period to discourage cheating by soliciting votes from outside social networking sites.

When voting, please keep in mind the theme of the contest - "Winter" and the style "Tiered" (meaning at least one cake stacked on another cake).

Good luck to everyone - there are some truly gorgeous cakes entered this time around! 

Congratulations, Brenda Bakker - 1st place and L. Welch - 2nd place!

Brenda Bakker:

L. Welch:

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Where do we go to view the entries and vote?

Click on the Cake Photos tab at the top of the home page. The Featured Photos are the contest entries. Click the View All link just to the right under the featured photos section and you can view and vote by choosing the cakes you like by clicking the "favorite" button just under the photo.

Hi Eileen S.

I dont know about others, by the photos I see do not have a "favorite" button under them. Could it be my system? Am I looking at the wrong photos perhaps? I followed your directions above. Thanks!

The Favorite button is at the bottom left corner of the picture between the description and the comments section.

Congratulations, Brenda Bakker and L. Welch!

Thank you all SO much!  I am honored that you liked my cake.  I can't wait to tell my customer that her Frosty cake was a winner.  There were so many beautiful cakes I'm really glad I didn't have to pick. 

Blessings to you all,


thank you!! what a great honor!! I am so surprised!!! I just found out on this page after a long search where I could find the results :-)... my mailbox became opverloaded with email about people who liked my cake but I never could find anything about this contest. so now I do, and what a surprise!!! thank you all for liking my cake. there were so many lovely cakes, some funny and others very chique. so it was very exciting which cakes would be favorite.

Hi Brenda, you didn't receive the email that went out about the winners?

yep, just found it in my mailbox, but it was after I found it here on the website ;) there are so many mails in my inbox, I did not see it. I just overlooked it ;)

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