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Got an email today from Next Great Baker producer and they want me to send a video and pictures of my top 10 cakes!!! I'm floored! Any suggestions on what to put in the video??? I'm stumped! And I only get 72 hours to get it uploaded to YouTube!!

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Eileen have you heard anything yet?  A person on another forum cake site said a producer told her that she would know by July 11 if she was going to NYC for the second cut.  I haven't heard anything have you?


Nope - haven't heard anything.  Guess that means I'm out. LOL!  Oh well!


No, that doesn't mean you are out.  I means that just have not given you any notice yet. There are many days that I don't get my mail until 7 to 10 days later!  Telephone, we just had a power outage and no phone service for hours.

Stay positive!  It is a fantastic honor to be considered for the first round!  Be patient.  I'm sure you will get notified one way or another.  My vote is on you.  You are a winner either way!  I'm proud to know you!




Don't give up just because someone else says something about July 11th.  Be patient too.  Same things I said to Eileen goes for you too.


One of the other people in the running said she emailed Julie yesterday and she said they would be making the decision by this coming weekend, so we can still sit on pins & needles for another week. 
Did you get an email today Angela?  I did not.  Looks like my August and September just opened up! LOL!

I got an email late last night requesting me to print and sign and return another release form, it looked abit different than the original one I sent with my application, but it didn't say anything else.  I was told that they would make their decision this weekend actually.  Guess it is taking longer.


That's great, Angela! Maybe that means you're in the running!

One can hope :)


Good luck! Please keep us updated.
Good luck Eileen!
can't wait to watch!!!!!!!!Good job!

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