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hi,,I am just learning to make gumpaste flowers..The ones I made looked really good but since they dry so hard,, they are dull, so I am going to add some pearl dust to the next batch i make. Now,,I'm wondering: is it better to tint the gumpaste first, then add the dust,, or to make them all white,, then add colored dust?.............also, whats the pros and cons to dust versus a liquid paint?.. thanks!!

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You can dust them, then steam them with a portable hand steamer. Steaming them, makes them shine even more. I dont think it matters if you start of with white gumpaste, then dust them later. I do both.
ok great thank you.. I just wasnt sure how to get that more realistic look,, I just know mine look reall dry.. so i found one post on utube that said to put the pearl dust on it for shine.. have u used the pearl dust? 
Yes, I use it all the time. There are all colors of dusts out there. It just depends on what your doing. Try steaming them. If you dont have a hand held steamer, boil some water. I've done it that way before I got my steamer. Just dont over steam it. It will melt. LOL

Hi Lois,

I've just made some roses and dusted them with both white pearl dust and radiant gold dust. Go and have a look at the result. This was on gum paste that I tinted with Ivory colouring. I've only just started to make roses and am self taught - so they aren't amazing (I was pretty pleased though). It't the last picture I posted. Tracy x

great I'll check it out.. I'm self taught too.. thank God for utube!!! lol

There are many ways to color your flowers.  It does depend on the flower and the look you  want to end up with.  From what little i have read, the shine one gets from steaming only last a short time.

It is hard to get the color all the way through flowrs like roses so it's best to start w/a light shade of the color you want, then add either pearl Or luster Or petal dust - or a combination of any of th ose :)  Remember, flowers are usually a bit darker on the outter tips, so petal dust there, and if you want to go w/pearl &/or luster, then add that trying not to touch the tips. 

thank you so much for your help..I"m gonna try this... also,,, one more ? for yall.... ive seen some use liquid paint for like dots etc.. are they using pearl dust and alcohol or just using a food color??? thanks  I wasnt sure when to use dry coloring (petal,pearl dust etc)  versus a liquid coloring..

Most likely it is liquid.  Mix dust with Vodka or similar to a thin mud consistency and paint.  If it streaks it is too thin - just let the liquid sit for a minute or two - the alcohol will evaporate very fast then try again.  If there are small lumps the mixture is too thick so add a drop or two of alcohol. 

If one were to use straight food coloring it would not ever dry.  Sometimes it becomes tacky but never dry.

oic..........ok wow great advice!!  thanks again.. wish me luck.. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"...
would clear piping gel make the flowers shiny?
Lois, Edna de La Cruz has a magnificent site filled with tutorials on gum paste flowers that you can watch for free. Edna is one of the best of the best in my book. She is more than willing to answer questions also, if you belong to her face book page (free). Here is her link. I have watched her tutorials over and over again, and finally started buying her CD discs as well.

Linda,, thank you very much for your advice and help. have a super blessed day.


(Thank God I'm Forgiven!)

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