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Now that I go outside every morning looking to see what's popping up in the flower beds, I was thinking about all the incredible flowers out there that no one seems to make in gum paste and/or fondant. If anyone decides to try out something new that you don't see on many cakes, please post a picture here and let us know how you made it.

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I assume people have seen the stunning cakes this lady makes. Oh my goodness....
There is also a short tutorial on gumpaste flowers in the "Meet Lori" section. She explains her theory and does a demonstration in a short video.

Kim Hamilton said:
I assume people have seen the stunning cakes this lady makes. Oh my goodness....
Thanks Teresa for posting this... I am an avid gardner and have 9 clematis bushes all in different varieties and colors and love them... my desire this summer is to make gumpaste clematis. I always study the flower and try to see how it goes together. I am not all that great at gumpaste flowers yet but it is my hope to be able to make the flowers look like they belong on the bushes out back. I also have around 25 peony bushes and have not mastered that one yet. There are a gazillion petals on a peony! Does anyone else share the love for gardening?
I have they are glorious!
Kim... Lori is so talented. I have not been to her site for awhile but love her work. Her flowers look so incredibly real. I used her inspiration last summer when working on roses and I made some that really turned out pretty good. I have a bush out back that the roses are kind of a porcelian pink color... just beautiful and tried to make roses that look like them. I came pretty close. Still have them in a container guess I should use them on something!
Funny that this topic came up. I just picked up this beautiful book called "Faux Florals" by Ardith Beveridge, at my nearest JoAnn Fabrics store. The reason I picked it up is because I love flowers and I'm in the middle of a gumpaste class. Even though they don't show you how to make it because it's basically arranging them, the pictures are amazing! I don't think I have ever seen a floral book as exquisite as as this one.
Haven't tried this one yet but it is on my list - gumpaste ranunculus
Gotta love anything Sharon Zambito does!



Anyone know the best way to make BUTTERCREAM peonies???

Buttercream Peonies.... I have not mastered the gumpaste ones yet... not sure how to do the buttercream ones!  My guess woudl be to use a curved rose tip maybe???? I have not done buttercream flowers in so long I am at a loss. 


I was out in my gardens today thinking I need to take some pictures so I can remember what the flowers look like while in bloom so if I need to make them... I have pics to look at.  My delpheniums are taller than I am this year!  I am short but still 5' and they are about 6" above me!  My clematis are going crazy right now.  So pretty this time of year. 

Looks nice!

I have a few garden flower catalogs that I study for ideas on different flowers to make. And one can even invent a fantasy flower or a flower in an "impossible" color such as a blue rose.


For buttercream flowers, take a look at some of the older Wilton books published in the 70s - especially the 3-volume set by the Sullivans. One of those volumes has instructions for the state flower of every state in the US.

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