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Hi all, I am becoming more and more frustrated with people calling to order a cake and saying to me go ahead and make what you want.  Are any of you having this problem?  Maybe some like it, but I find it hard to come up with ideas for these people. 

I just got an order for June about an hour ago and basically she said that they want to a corvette cake topper and would like their names.  They want it to be three tier.  Can anyone help me with some unique ideas for this cake? \

Your input is greatly appreciated.


Tara MacLean.

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I'm guessing it's a wedding cake? I don't think I've ever seen a Corvette cake topper. Did they give you any ideas on colors? I'm not much help am I? Sorry they frustrated me too! ;D Good luck with this.
Well they said they have a model corvette. I guess I should have said that. I am thinking maybe red ribbon around the bottoms of the cakes and maybe red fondant roses. I like it better when someone says I want this, this and this on my cake. Way easier than trying to come up with something.

Kathy Kmonk said:
I'm guessing it's a wedding cake? I don't think I've ever seen a Corvette cake topper. Did they give you any ideas on colors? I'm not much help am I? Sorry they frustrated me too! ;D Good luck with this.
What color fondant to cover the cakes? Your idea sounds great...keep going...they must trust your judgement enough to put it in your hands. I'm sure what ever you come up with will be fantastic. You have a little while to think about it.
Maybe the red roses, and throw in some checkered flags - kinda drapey. The link is to the corvette logo. If they are die-hard enough to put a corvette on their wedding cake, they might appreciate your attempt to capture all things corvette.
I think I would probably call her back and get some more details. Do they want any florals? What are her colors (mostly is it white, beige, ivory, etc.)? Is she looking for something formal, casual, whimsical? I like the ribbon idea! Always a nice touch. I'm sure it will be great!
Also if you are going to make a Corvette, you might want to find out the year of the car. Only because if it is a classic older Corvette, the emblems are slightly different. Car enthusiasts are a bit picky when you come right down to it. Speaking from my own experience, we enjoy classic cars and owned several different kinds as old as 1928 to 1968. We are down to only one classic now and involved with our local car club.

Check out this site so you can see the different body styles as well including the YEARS and emblems (I hope).

I'm sure at the end, your customers will really appreciate you even asking about the car they love so much it will be the center of their very special occasion. If all fails, take your camera and ask if you can take a picture of what they want. The emblem, the car whatever.

Have fun!
This frustrates me to no end! I recently had that happen to me. The order was for a "Spring Cake". She wanted it to be a round 2-layer cake to feed about 15-20 people. I did an 8 inch cake with huge daisies on the top. She wouldn't even tell me a flavor, so I used yellow cake with a lemon custard-like filling. (If you look at my pictures, you'll be able to pick it out) Well, when I delivered it, she said, "Lemon isn't my favorite... but that's okay." I wanted to tell her that I KNOW it's okay, since I spoke with her several times to find out what she wanted, and all she would say is, "anything will be great. Just do whatever." AAAAARGH!
Im sure all of us have had this done to us.. Recently I had an order for a wedding cake and she (the bride's mother) says,"I want a 3 tier cake with pillars". That's not a lot to go by , is it? Then she bugged me for days on end on the design; saying j\"Just show me what you have in mind and I will decide".... Its really frustrating as I had no clue as to what she or her daughter wants . I had to browse through pictures for ideas which in the first place I had no clue to base on. In the end, I narrowed down to 5 pictures and she chose one...
I mostly only do wedding cakes but I sketch out what I am doing and get their approval ahead of time. I have the wedding cake design pro software and used to use it all the time but it does not do everything I want it to so now I have templates of single tier, 2 tier, 3 tier etc cakes and print off a blank template of the cake and sketch the design on. I have done a few where they tell me to do whatever but have never had any complaints. At least they have not voiced them to me! :-)

Beware of the Mother of the Bride ordering the cake... that can be dangerous! I had a mother telling me what "she" wanted on the cake then met with the couple and it was totally different. I called her and told her that it should be the couple's decision and she went with their design instead.

It can be frustrating but I always figure if they turn me loose with what I want to do then I do it and am confident when I deliver it that if they don't like it... they should have spoken up! That's the way I roll :-)


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