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Some one in china on eBay is selling 4 inch cake pans with removeable bases made of aluminum for 2.50. Sounds like a good deal right? Should I get them?

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No way! Food grade metal from China? Do you really trust it?
Itcwoukd probably depend on the brand and where it was made right?

Deah said:
No way! Food grade metal from China? Do you really trust it?
Perosnally I say a huge NO! As has already been mentioned I would not trust that they are food safe and 4" deep pans make baking hard. You are much better off baking two 2" layers and putting them together w/filling.
Invest your money in GOOD quality pans and they will last you a lifetime. MagicLine and FatDaddios are the best choises.

My SIL deals w/China for metal gears; has showed pix and let me tell you!:( They work in open air, dirt floor areas pouring molten metal to make these gears wearing ONLY shorts!
I'd be really skeptical. China isn't really known for producing high quality, food safe items! lol!
I wouldn't buy pans directly from China either....some things you just dont skimp on......not worth buying cheap pans then having to replace them 3 months later or worse get sick from the metals....

Just an FYI anytime you buy something directly from an overseas manufacturer you bypass the US regulations for safety especially anything food grade....they dont have to sell up to the standards we have here in the US because they arent selling to distributors or have businesses set up to sell their goods here. Buyer beware.....

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