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We get a lot of inquiries for cakes from all over the country, so we are launching a pay per lead service. If you are interested, please let me know. I'll need to know where you are located and the radius from your location that you are willing to serve.

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Sure I am in Monticello Fl. I am an equal distance between Tallahasse Fl. and Thomasvile Ga. I look foward to hearing from you.
Hi Theresa,
I am Sherrie, and I would certainly be interested in the pay per lead service. I live in Ocala, Florida (north, central Fl) and would be willing to service a 20 mile radius.
Thank you, Sherrie G.
In my area, my lowest for a wedding cake is between $2.00 and $2.25 per serving. It depends on the complexity of the cake.
Yes, well I know that I'm kind of late on this but I'd like to be considered as well.
I live in Port Norris, (Cumberland Country) NJ 08349 aka Southern NJ 30 miles is
my limit as well.
I do not have a license as of yet, I do cupcakes, wedding cakes, specialty cakes ( Olivia, Piglet, Dora, etc.) brownies, pound cakes and tiered cakes. Two to three cakes a week would be sufficient for me, I can get help if needed.

Theresa Happe said:
Great! I'm glad to see so many of you are interested. We're getting everything set up and we have to test it out. There are a few more things I'll need to know when I contact you, so you can take your time and give this some thought.

1. How much business can you handle?
2. Do you work alone or with a team?
3. Are you professionally licensed? (We'll find the best way to handle this, so don't get nervous about this question).
4. What do you specialize in, i.e. if you don't want wedding cake orders, I need to know.

What I found, in the past, when referring orders to other cake decorators is that either the decorator is too busy to fill the order, often taking too much time before letting me know, or the decorator doesn't answer me and I wait and wait before finally giving the referral to someone else. So, I want to make this efficient as possible and make sure that you want and can handle leads I give you.
I would be very interested in this program. I live in Starkville, MS. Home of Mississippi State University. I could go out about 30 miles. Up to West Point, MS - Over to Columbus, MS. I'm Leighann Hartung ( I can do Specialty cakes, my design or theirs. I'd like 1 - 3 cakes a week. I can do Wedding cakes depending on difficulty. I work alone. No, I don't have a license.
Altoona PA 16602--30 mile radius
I am interested i live in ashland, ky
I'm interested. I live in Winchester, VA, I can go as far as 70-80 miles.
I am interested. I do cakes for all occassions(weddings,birthday, banquets). I live in Niantic Illinois, which is located between Springfield & Decatur. I can handle 2-3 cakes a week and will travel 40 + miles.
Im interested in getting some leads
i live in hemet cali and will travel about 45 miles
not licensed
can do up to 5 birthday cakes
i will only do simple wedding cake no less than $200
i specialize in fondant but can also do buttercream and whipped cream
also i work by myself
i do have a website you can contact me if u like for anymore details
Thank you.
I'm defiantely interested!
i live in granite falls MN i can travel as far as the twin cities , alexandria,st cloud

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