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Interesting offer from potential client

When I dropped off the Hello Kitty and Super Mario cakes at the kids' birthday party at the bowling alley - all heads turned. Almost every person at the bowling alley (a popular kids birthday party location around here) came to have a look. The owner of the bowling alley asked me to make a castle cake that they could sell off of their website for the parties - they'd take a commission of course. I'm excited to try it. I'm not sure on pricing, or what the market will bear around here (we're in the Rust Belt). I've been mulling over the construction, whether to do square or round and how to do the crinolation around the top and the towers. It's almost sussed out in my mind - I have to work out the details. I am so flattered that she thought that much of my cakes. I just started doing them in January.

She asked me for a card - of course I haven't made any up yet. D'oh! The lady at Walmart who developed the pictures asked me for a card too, her daughter is in the market for a wedding cake. Double D'oh! I need to make cards one of my priorities.

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Comment by Theresa Happe on March 13, 2010 at 4:37pm
Congratulations and good luck!

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