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I just talked to my niece. Her son's first birthday party is the 20th. She wants me to do a Finding Nemo cake for his party. I'm really excited to try it. Plan on doing a RKT fondant covered Nemo on the top, with all the other characters around the tiers. I can't wait to get started. I can start the gumpaste parts this weekend - I plan on doing some coral and shells. Will do the major characters out of fondant.

On another note - made a pink lemonade cake from scratch yesterday and frosted it with a lemon buttercream. It was pretty good. I need to start practicing my scratch cake skills. I'm concerned that the government is going to legislate my job out of existence within the next couple of years, so I need to have a contingency plan. I work in the finance department at a lightbulb manufacturer. All of the new energy legislation is going to end up closing our plant in the near future (next couple of years). If Obama really wants to save good paying American jobs he needs to consider the ridiculous laws he is supporting. So, my contingency plan is to open a bakery/patisserie in the next couple of years. I have time to establish a customer base as well as hone my skills and save money; in the event of plant closure I should be established enough to open an actual store.

Right now I am testing recipes. I'm going to send them to my mother in law's workplace with comment cards. I should be able to get unbiased opinions from her co-workers about what I am making. With their comments, I can pick and choose the best recipes to include should I open a store.

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