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Icing Sheets in the Winter! In the winter time, as it gets colder, any brand of icing sheet tends to dry out.  Some brands dry out quicker than others.  Think about it, you have a thin layer of icing on a piece of paper.  It is the moisture that adheres it to the backing or paper and the moisture also keeps the icing sheet plyable.  In the dryer times of year or even dryer climates, the moisture begins to evaporate which can cause several problems. FIrst is obvious, icing sheets cracking, the second is icing sheets falling off the backing and the third is printer jams as the paper begins to curl up.
Icing Images sells three brands of paper.  Our House Brand which is very similar to most other brands of icing sheets by our competitors.  It is the thinnest of the three brands we sell.  In my experience you will see the greatest difficulty with because it is thin and thus has less moisturer and will dry out quicker.  The second brand we sell is Lucks.  This brand is double layered and a bit thicker.  It seems to hold up better than the other brands that are out there because of this double layer. Finally our Premium Brand (my favorite), It is a bit thicker and much more plyable.  But no matter what brand you use, you can be subject to some of these problems...
Remedies! Solutions! First, no matter what brand you have, proper storage and handling is key.  Make sure your icing sheet is kept at room temperature.  Make sure the bag is securely zipped shut and that when you remove the icing sheet from the bag that you immediately rezip the bag.  When you store the iicng sheets, keep the flat, not upright and lay them icing side down.  What this does is prevent the icing sheet from curling as it drys.  Prevention is the best key to success.  In addition, if you are noticing any drying in your sheets, you can place a small piece of paper down dampened against the backing of the icing sheet.  Icing sheets are abosrbant and will remoisturize themselves.  Be sure though not to leave a the damp towel in their indefinately.  So these are all prevention. 
What happens if your icing sheet keeps jamming in the printer?  Well because this is most likely due to the curling up of the paper is the icing sheet drys, simlpy roll the top (the part that feeds in to the printer first) of the icing sheet backwards just a little prior to putting it in to print.  Prior to printing, be careful not to let the icing sheet sit in the back of the printer (where it will dry) too long.  Make sure that you take the sheet out right before printing.
These tips will help you with all icing sheet brands, not just ours.  Keep in mind the reason we sell three different brands of icing sheets is that people swear by all of them!  Since enviornments and climates do effect icing sheets people may love one brand that may not do well in other environments.  Our Premium Brand is our best seller by far, mainly because of its ability to handle most environments well. 
If you have any questions about icing sheets or edible printing or electronic cutting, I will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

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