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Elecronic cutting sheets by Icing Images

I have been getting several questions regarding our new colored electronic cutting sheets.  Here are a few facts to help everyone understand this new product.

Like our white Premium Icing Sheets that are used for printing on, the colored sheets offer that same plyable, flexability.  These sheets are a bit bigger, at 11.75x12", they are ment to be used in all electronic cutting machines and can be cut down to the size you want to use to avoid waste and give you more options.  If we had offered a sheet that only fit the smaller machines, the customers with the larger cutters would be limited in what they can do.  Though the decorators with smaller electronic cutters, like the Silhoutte HD or the smaller Cricuts, need to cut the sheets, this allows you to use exactly what you need. 

These sheets also allow you to keep the icing sheet right on the backing.  You can use crisco or some people prefer to tape the sheet to the cutting mat. Either way you choose it gives you the easiest option for you.  The benefit of these sheets is that they can cut the intricate detail.   No matter what electronic cutter you choose to use, when you get the precision detail, these sheets are strong enough to handle them. The enclosed picture was cuts that were made by Linda McClure using the Premium Icing Sheets by Icing Images. Linda printed a pattern using iiDesigns and cut it using the Silhoutte Cameo.

We have these sheets colored all the way through so when you do cut, you will not see the white line of the cut.  They can be printed on as well, but keep in mind when printing on any color other then white your colors will not be as precise, similar to coloring on a piece of  colored paper. 

Now these sheets can also be used with punches and crimpers.  Almost anything you can do with paper, you can use these sheets for.

You can layer these sheets to make in effect a shadow.  The options are endless....Oh, the most exciting, I think is when you ad edible glitter.  They are amazing!  Just spray PME's edible glaze on the sheet, add your glitter and spray again so that it holds the glitter in place.  By adding the glitter on the finished cut piece, you will not get glitter all over your cutter. 

And yes!!! You can airbrush them!  The dark colors look amazing the colors really pop! 

I would love to hear what everyone else has tried! Below is a picture of the cake she made using these designs.

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