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Hey all you wonderful Icing Images customers...

Did you know that just for being an Icing Images customer you have FREE access to our iiPrint program on our website?  You can access it by going to and logging in and then clicking on the iiPrint icon.

With IiPrint, you can print on all your Premium Icing Sheets!  You can print the circles, you can also print borders and text! 

While your there check out iiDesigns, the exclusive program that allows you to print seamless patterns to place on cake.  Select from one of our over 600 designs, tell the program that you want to print out a 2" high pattern and the program will automatically print out a sheet of repeatable patterns that will match up end to end with 2" cut marks.  YES if you are a customer and you use our Premium Icing Sheets can do that in iiDesigns.  While iiPrint is free, iiDesigns is not.  We have to pay for the licenses so that this is legal for you to use!  We made this program for many reasons.  One is we realized that when you print off the scrapbook sheets, and you sell them, you very often are breaking copyright laws.  So to give you, our customers, a tool that gives you more decorating options and keeps everything legal, we came out with this program! 

So enjoy! and send us pictures of cakes that you have used our products with!

Thanks so much for being such awesome customers!

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Comment by Josie Camarata on August 30, 2012 at 2:00am

Hi I am a customer with icing images, just a new one and have purchased icing sheets as well but havent recieved my last order...i have 2 sheets left from another purchase, and i need to use the iprint now but everytime i sign in and ress the icon iprint it keeps telling me to sign in....can i find out why

thanks talk soon

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