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I was anxious to get home from work and finally finish decorating the cakes. I was surprised not only to find a full house, but one of my cakes was pretty much ruined. The beer mug cake was collapsing and all I can see was bulging fondant between the bottom and middle layer. What made things worse, that was my son's Godfather's cake and he was at the house! His wife knew I was baking him a cake as a gift and I was so embarassed to know she was aware that was his cake. I couldn't even look at her. As soon as they left with my husband I was off to fix the mess. I just wanted to cry. I wasn't even sure where to start. I scraped of the white buttercream icing that I used as the beer foam and placed in a bowl apart. I removed all the fondant to find what had happened. The middle cake I guess had not baked properly and was not holding the weight of the top layer and fondant. I removed the the top two layers of cake, placed some dowels and a plate for support on the bottom cake. I flipped and place the top layer cake as the middle and the damaged layer as the top, sliced the damaged cake off and re-iced. I found some yellow and ivory fondant I had and prepared it to layer the cakes. I redecorated the entire cake. I even had time to add a few grape leaves to my hubby's cake and make some cake truffles to place in a box and add as an additional gift! All this in about 3 hours and I even cleaned up the mess before the returned. Unfortunately, they just dropped my husband off and didn't come in and see the semi corrected cake and truffles. My hubby will deliver the cake and truffles and I won't be able to see their reaction . At least my hubby was very pleased with his Father's Day Cake. What a learning experience!

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Comment by Windy Jimenez on June 21, 2010 at 8:26am
So I spoke to his daughter and she loved it! She told me he acted like "wow, this is for me!" I'm still waiting to hear what he thought about it. Cake picture is posted on My First Cake Albums.
Comment by Theresa Happe on June 20, 2010 at 7:32pm
Heck, you could have just said it was someone else's cake and they wouldn't have known the difference.
Comment by Windy Jimenez on June 20, 2010 at 1:37pm
Oh, and dear hubby delivered the cake this morning and I had to quickly call them and tell them about the dowels and separator in the cake before the cut into it! My son's Godfather answered the phone (the cake was for him) he told me he never saw the cake at my house (so he never say my "leaning tower of beer mug cake") and thanks for telling him about the extra ingredients. He said he was just about to cut into it. I know his kids (17 & 18 yrs old) saw it. They were looking at it before they left. I'll have to ask them what they thought.
Comment by Theresa Happe on June 20, 2010 at 11:35am
Well, you saved it in time, so that's a relief. Nothing like uninvited guests waiting in your house. Someone could have warned you! I remember a time when I made a cake and a little kid that was at my house reached up and grabbed a huge chunk out of it. Hard to know what to do when it's someone else's kid.

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