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I want everybody's thoughts on what their favorite fondant is and why.  I have done Satin Ice, Duff, and I recently saw a video on utube which adds Wilton to MMF.  Just want to hear some opinions.  Would be very grateful for your input.  I have made MMF and love it, but have heard it tears, thus the video of adding Wilton,  On my books I used Duff and candy clay mixture.  That was good.  But I'm covering a Thomas cake for my 2 year old grandson, so..... bring it on :-)

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Love Satin Ice - hate Wiltons (it tastes disgusting).  We find Satin Ice very easy to use, great colours and dairy free (good for those with allergies and the kosher market).

Hi Deb... In my part of the world, we don't have any options of buying fondant... the one available doesn't have a brand, so obviously it's not an option for me to buy!!

For me, I always make MMF and I find it to be really delicious and it only tears if you add too much powder sugar which makes it stiff and hard to model. The trick with MMF is to balance the amount of sugar used so that it neither melts (if too little) nor tears (if too much)... Best thing is to let it sit for a while (well-covered), then work with it. I put all the flavours I want & colours I want, then balance the texture with sugar... I think even if I had the option to buy different brands, I would've still made my own MMF.

In South Africa we get Bakels which is very good and of course the homemade mmf is also good - only problem is in my area I cannot always lay my hands on only white marshmallows so when I make the mmf from the white marshmallows out of the pink and white mixed packet, the fondant has a slight pinkish tinge to it - alright if you want to colour it, but not so good when you just want plain white.

I live in a small town where the nearest cake supply store that sells anything other than Wilton is 75 miles away. In my area most people do not want cakes covered in the fondant so I just use the Wilton for accenting. I've tried making my own, but it was way to stiff and unworkable so I didn't try again.  Anyone have any suggestions for me and a good recipe that you use?  I just used a recipe I found online. I won't use it again.

I find Fondarific and Massa Grischuna to be amazing

Hi Deborah, I was very fond of Satin Ice until I stumbled on ChocoPan.  I was looking for a Navy Blue fondant for a NY Yankee hat I was making and the only navy I could find was this product.  Having tried to blend navy from scratch I was not willing to try that again.  ChocoPan comes in a wide variety of colors and their staff is amazingly helpful.  I recently had a question about a cake I was covering and when I sent them an email one of their staff members called me and we spoke for the longest time about many issues using fondant and different types of icing.  Her name was Linda and I can't say enough nice things about her and the product.  In addition the kids at the party loved the fondant so much they were picking it off the adults slices to eat it.  It is made from white chocolate.  My only caution would be don't try to just add tylose powder to it to make gum paste.  Your better off with the real thing for that. 

PS I found the MMF difficult to work with, tasted great but tore easily. 

Hope this helps

I make my own MMF and don't have problems with tearing. I do make line a bit on the stiff side because I find it easier to work with that way and that it firms up nicely.  I use just ever so slightly less than 1/2 c. Crisco shortening, 16 oz. Campfire brand marshmallows,  2 1/4 T water and 2 lbs. C and H sugar. I have tried other brands of marshmallows and  sugar and have had problems, so these are what I stick with. Good luck in your search!

Sandi - if you use Satin Ice again you should Google their colour chart - it shows how much of each colour to put in to mix the different colours like navy blue.  The mix isn't what you would just assume and the results are good.

Thanks Danielle, I didn't know about the color chart but I do know that the colors to mix are unexpected like purple.  Even the navy blue I got wasn't dark enough for the NY Yankees so I had to mix black into it and my gloves turned purple.  However, the family really liked the Choco Pan better than fondant.  I buy it on line at their web site or Amazon.  I liked working with it and it refrigerates well if your cake needs refrigeration.  Actually you can harden your work with refrigeration and it softens when brought back to room temp.

I am fortunate to have 2 large cake decorating warehouses a mere 45 min away.  Both make their own brand of fondant.  Both are good, but one is made with white chocolate,  very similar to Choco Pan, which I like, but is very $$$$.  But I also buy Satin Ice when the warehouse has it on sale. I quite like it & it takes color well.  Like Joann, I  mostly make my own. There is a knack to it, which comes with practice.  I never add more than 2 1/2 cups of icing sugar. 3 cups absolute max. The trick is to let it rest for min 8 hrs, preferably,  24 hrs.  So important.  I would guess most add too much icing sugar.  The next day, you can always add more sugar if need be, or even more shortening.  Knead well & your good to go. I have never had a problem making mmf. 

I only use MMF , my customers like it, I dislike Wiltons taste. Never had an issue with MMF

My favorite is mmf.. I always make mine., best tasting too. Satin ice is a close second while Wilton is simply disgusting..


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