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Well ~ I don't know if any of you ever had one of those days where you did not want to hand over a cake but did anyway? :(  I recently asked for a good chocolate cake recipe that I can make from scratch and I can honestly say that the "Hershey's" recipe was very good.  Thank you to those who recommended it.

Anyway, I was asked to make a graduation cake and offered my opinion on decorating it.  Well, they wanted things their way and, of course, of all days, it did not come out to my liking and they weren't happy.  I was running out of icing so I had to make it from scratch and I decided to try something different and wasn't too happy.  Too much air and it was more yellow than white and even tinting it did not help.  Then I free handed the deco in royal icing and that didn't go too well either.  I started yesterday morning at 9:00 a.m. and finished at 10:30 p.m. with other things going wrong as well.  It was an embarrassment for me to hand it over and too late for me to start over.  They have not tasted the cake but I was told that the mother's weren't happy.  

I am planning on either handing over the check or returning 1/2 of the money.  I will not even post the cake on here.

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I think all of us have had a bad cake day here and there. Don't let it get you down. Usually we're our own worse enemies when it comes to judging our cakes and maybe it wasn't as bad you think.
The cake cost you money and time to make. Why don't you post the cake and let us tell you what we think and then you can delete the picture afterwards, if that makes you feel better. (You probably know what I'm thinking already. Too bad you didn't put chocolate laxatives in the cake).
LOL ~ hmmm ~ from my understanding, the other mother's were snobs to begin with. I'll post but I want it deleted as I really hate this cake. It was my first time decorating with royal icing.
I don't see any issue with color. Royal icing directly on top of buttercream is probably what made the shape of the picture the way it is. Do you want more people to comment? I'll take the pics down when you tell me to. Still, they took the cake, they ate the cake, so they don't deserve a full refund. You could offer to give them a discount on the next cake. If they choose not to come back to you, the heck with them.
You can take down the photos please. The one that ordered the cake works upstairs from me and is someone I get along well with. At this point, I have not cashed the check. I'll wait till I see her on Wednesday as I have 40/50 roses to make for my grand finale cake on Wednesday so I took tomorrow off. She might contact me tomorrow.
Diana, seriously have you seen this cake in my gallery?

it couldn't be as bad as this!!! I posted it larger than life for you LOL

..and I didn't get to see the cake...I am just betting it was not as bad as you think cuz you are way too talented for a complete cake wreck!!!! send it to me on FB and I promise promise not to post it muahahaha!!! no no just kidding!!!

D...Cash the check..and if you are really so inclined return the money minus your costs...I am willing to bet that they ate the cake though!!!!
Oh Honey, don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you are being harder on yourself than you should be. I'm the same way, so I totally get it. I didn't see the picture, but I'm sure it was much better than they would have gotten at their local grocery store. [HUGS]
I know what you feel because i've had the same bad cake experience with a paying customer. I offered to give a discount next time. I was sure i was never ever going to hear from her again but i did and still paid full price this time around. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it's gone down and i bet it still was eaten!
I didn't like my last cake... I posted it....then the girl told me it wasn't cooked all the way .... I was upset.... I leveled the cake, tasted what I cut off, thought it was fine... But knew some thing wasn't right, but didn't know what.... Didn't have time to start over... It tasted fine to me... I wanted to make the Happy Birthday I cut with the criciut stand up... First time using fondant didn't get hard enough.... Was not happy!!!! When my friend said it wasn't cooked all the way I was so upset.. I tried to give her the money back and she wouldn't take it, she keep some.... Now I am paranoid about not cooking it long enough.
Oh Daiana , you had a very bad cake day like all of us , i agree with Eileen don't beat yourself up .
If the mother realy not happy with it , take only half the price the customer will feel that you care about
her feeling and she might come to you again especially if the cake taste good
Thanks ladies and yes, it was bad . . . see for yourself. Gretchen ~ try baking your cakes at 325 instead of 350. They will cook evenly.
Honey it's not as bad as you think , the way u talked about it i thought it's really very bad .

Relax have some chocolate :)

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