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I would like to create a nice organized chart to upload on the site indicating all the pluses and minuses of different store-bought fondant brands.


Anyone care to chime in? I'm going to wait until we have lots and lots of feedback on this before I put it together.


Please include details like:



easy or difficult to work with

price per pound

does it dry out

and anything else you can think of


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I did not see that comment- I saw Theresa's comment that Wilton had made some changes to their fondant but I have not tried it for a couple of years (I have to admit was disgusted with the taste).   I will have to give mixing it with the Satin Ice a try.  One thing that is convenient about Wilton is that I don't have to order it.

June Kowalczyk said:

Don't know if you saw the comment Lisa, but someone here posted that if you add Satin Ice to the Wilton, you get the best of both worlds. Better taste, workability, better texture.  Maybe worth a try?????
Lisa Seidling said:

I might have to break down and order some.  I do like Satin Ice better than Wilton or Fondarific as far as overall taste and workability, but it seems to dry out too fast when I am doing things like carved cakes - it doesn't allow enough time to do the blending I want to do.  I just hate to pay between $17 and $20 for shipping for a little 5# bucket, which seems to be the going rate for shipping to Wyoming.

June Kowalczyk said:

Well, I have had compliments from my family members who have ate it. I actually like it myself. Why don't you buy a small 5 k and try it out??

I prefer Fondx Rolled virgin white however Fondx Elite is the best if budget allows as it taste better and comes in all differenct possible colours.

Satin Ice is the only fondant I buy. Easy to work with, tastes great. I buy mine on Amazon. With Prime membership it ships free and arrives in 2 business days.

Theresa have you gotten this chart made up? Would love to see it. I have only bought Wilton since I like their new recipe and can get it at 40% off but I use my own MMF when I can. I would be interested in knowing your results. I have tried looking over some of the posts but my head started spinning LOL.

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