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Hi guys:

I mostly work with fondant as I do wedding cakes mostly. I made a birthday cake using buttercream and wanted to get it smooth...or as smooth as possible. This is  Jamaica...I don't see any viva paper towels. All the other paper towels have patterns...didn't want I said to about trying wax paper? And I worked for what it was worth. It was my smoothest buttercream cake ever!!! It wasn't perfect...but it was good. The buttercream didn't crust much (Time was against me) so I'm not sure if it had crusted if the result would have been worse or better. Will try it next time when it crusts.


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Good idea. Necessity is the mother of invention!
It sure is Deah...Thanks:)

Deah Aldridge said:
Good idea. Necessity is the mother of invention!
Parchment paper works well too.
I sometimes use a hot knife if i'm out of parchment paper. it make everything very smooth
I've had to use copy paper with my crusting buttercream when I was out of Viva.
Good tips guys...options...options...options..:)

I was using wax paper long before I ever heard about using paper towels. What the heck! Anything that's smooth will work.

Teneisha Williams said:
Good tips guys...options...options...options..:)

lol...Oh Theresa you are making me laugh...I didn't know about any of these things till you tube and this here I thought I "discovered" something...whomp
I used to use wax paper years ago and it always worked good. Parchment does too. I use viva towels mostly now but all of those work. No viva in Jamaica huh? Guess Viva needs to get into the market huh?
They need to get here...maybe I could get them here...hmmmm (rubbing chin)...:)
BE the VIVA rep for Jamica.... tell them you NEED them! I am sure they would jump on it just for you! :-)
They better jump on it..will start the planning..:)

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