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I am trying to figure out a problem that always is an issue with my cakes!!

It seems that every time I do a layered cake, when it is completed I can always see a ring that bulges between the layers!

I do ice my cakes cooled, infact cold, but by the time I am finished, buttercream or fondant covered I see the ring of filling/icing around the center of the cake!

I feel I have come a long way in so many skills but this one is always frustrating me!

Any help would be wonderful!

Thanks for your ideas in advance :)


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Hi Rochell, I think you need to create a DAM sound the edge of each layer. this is done by using buttercream that is of a thicker consistency than just ordinary buttercream, all you have to do for this is to make up some buttercream using more icing sugar than normal, this gives you your thicker consistency. Then use your normal consistency buttercream to fill in the layers. I also have this problem and I was recently looking online for some answers to this question and what I have said to you is the most popular answer that I could find. Hope it helps...

Thanks I wondered about that too......I always create the dam, but it smooches out sometimes, but I will definitely give making it firmer a try, thanks for the pointer

Also, if you put your dam at least 1/4" inside the later, it will have a little room to spread when you put the upper layer on--it's the weight of the next layer that squishes it out, so the filling needs to be firm and the dam as well, but a little space can help. 

Make a stiff batch of buttercream for the dam by using less liquid, not necessarily more sugar.  Then whatever you don't use for the dam can be thinned with a little more water for frosting the cake.

Agree with the above about a thicker consistency on the dam, but also don't get too heavy handed with the filling. A thick layer of fruit or mousse filling won't have the strength to hold the layer above and you will get the squished ring around the middle even with a proper dam.

If you are adding multiple tiers, be sure to have a good support system to take the weight of each tier so they don't press down on the cake.

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