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I did a castle cake this past weekend and had an awful time with the rice cereal treats I covered them with fondant for the turrets. The humidity and heat here were so high that my treats wouldn't hold their shape. They were actually compressing, sliding down and bulging in the fondant. I removed the fondant and fed the birds. I had to implement an emergency plan for the turrets. Any suggestions on making cereal treats conform and behave, especially in high heat & humidity?

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Were they home-made treats or store-bought treats?  I've found that the store-bought ones are firmer and hold their shape better, especially if you compress them really tight when forming your shape.  I don't know about high heat and humidity.  I do know that if you keep them in the fridge after you form them they will get super-hard.  They soften up as they warm up.
They were homemade and kept in the fridge. It was 87 degrees here in the NC Great Smoky Mountains Sunday, and I figure that is where the problem began. Not to mention that most homes around here, including mine , do not have central AC. Thank you so much for the tip on the store bought treats. I will certainly keep that in mind for the next one.
I have been told to cover the treats with melted chocolate and they would hold their shape.  I made a mickey mouse and minnie mouse with the treats and the ears kept falling apart.  I think it was the weight, plus having a popcicle stick in them.  Covered them with chocolate and no problem!  You can also use the disks you get at Michaels.  Hope this helps.
Thank you Gail! That is a great idea! Now I'm not so intimidated to try them again.
I agree with Paul.  I use the regular rice Krispie recipe but omit the butter, and if I find it to loose I will add extra rice krispies to it and really compress it and it let it sit and let it harden before decorating it. 
Thank you Paul and Sharon. I will be sure to omit the butter next time.
i have this problem to 

Thank you Margi. Beautiful cake.
Margi Chambers said:
I make rice cereal treats days ahead so they can settle. Mash them down to compress. Then I brush them with white chocolate and it seals them.  I don't use butter and I don't put them in the fridge because they gather moisture and when they come out the sweat and get sticky. But for turrets on my castles I use paper towel rolls and ice cream cones. I have also made the treats and poured melted chocolate coating into them and modeled with that.
I find the store-bought RKTs to be way softer than mine, and I even add butter.  But I add extra cereal (just my preference - even for snacking and not cake decorating).  So, no butter according to others, and add more cereal seems to b e the way to go.
If I make them I try to make them ahead of time, and once I get them in the pan i put another pan on top and add something with weight to compress them. It can be as easy as setting a bowl full of water in the top pan. Compression is a big key.

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