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What would be a better support for a wedding cake?




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The plastic dowels are fine if you're doing just 2 tiers, but if you're doing a 3 tier, I would definitely have a large wooden dowel going through the middle in addition to whatever other dowels you use.
It will be 4 tier cake! with 3 layer of cake each one ...
I use plastic drinking straws cut to fit (not the bendy ends) and they are very strong... I place the same number of straws minus 1 as inches of the tier I am stacking....example...if I am placing an 8" cake I used 7 in the center and 6 under the cake evenly spaced.....6" cake use 5 straws underneath, etc.
bubble or boba tea straws are wide, sturdy as heck, easy to cut and place. I agree with a long center dowel being needed too.


I like the wooden dowels if I am using dowels.... but my favorite is my cake stackers system...
The cake stackers are fantastic! You gotta love that ... My only problem is that I'm just starting and I dont have lots of cake orders ... So maybe some day I will get one, but not for now ;-)
I like either cardboards or plastic dowels on large tiered cakes for safety. SPS systems are good too but more expensive.
Wood is good but I don't trust the little tiny wood dowels that wilton sells. I rather use thicker ones. But more time consuming to cut. A dowel holding all the tiers to me is a must.
Thank you Edna! I was juts talking to my husband about you, we saw your cakes and I told him that my dream is to work with you someday! Your Work is amaizing ...
That's a big complement Cynthia! Thanks!!
I just posted my video on stacking cakes, just in case it might help some.
Thank you Edna!
Hope it helps some! :)

Cynthia Jones said:
Thank you Edna!

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