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Hi All,

I am a new member to this site, and I loved reading tons of stuff here. :)
Really excited that I stumbled to this site.

Nowadays I am trying to make decorative cup cakes, for that I need whipped cream. I searched all the local shops and I can find it nowhere :-/

Can anybody tell how can I make heavy cream at home ?

It will be a great help for me, looking forward for some replies. 

Have a nice day

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Where do you live? If you're in the USA, go to the dairy section ~ heavy cream is in the refrigerated section. Most of the milk in the USA is separated. They take the cream and make cheeses and butter out of it. In fact, if you beat whipping cream enough, you will make butter. I don't think you can make this at home. If you live overseas where the milk is not separated, you can let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, skim off the cream from the top and whip that. Hope that helps.
Tanya I noticed you are in India and I dont know if you can get it is a milk product from cows....I would suggest you make American buttercream. I use 2 pounds of confectioner's sugar, 1 cup of vegetable shortening, 1 tsp butter flavor and a few teaspoons of water to the desired consistency. Cream Shortening until it is fluffy, add sugar and butter flavor. Whip until fluffy and add butter flvor and any other flavor you desire like vanilla, rum, lemon, cocoa etc. It will keep for weeks in a closed container.
I was going to suggest Costco... until I saw where you are from... I don't know if Costco is in India or not!

A little late but heavy cream, melt 1/3 cup butter pour into 3/4 milk and stir

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