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Here is the link to the live event

Just got back from ICES and I have a lot of exciting things to share.

In a few weeks, we will be having cake decorators demonstrating live on the site. See that Livestream icon on the top left of the page? Once we have the decorators lined up, we will be taking questions from our members to the cake decorator who will then answer questions during the demonstration. When we air, you'll be clicking on that icon to access the video.

Some of the people who are tentatively coming on:

Julie Bashore
Jay Qualls
Edna De la Cruz
James Roselle
Dana Herbert
Marina Sousa
Norman Davis
Karen Vazquez

I still have to dig my notes out of my suitcase, so I may be adding more to the list.

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Sounds very exciting!  I am so happy I found this community!!
Wow that will be awesome.... I have been going to Cake Fu Masters... Most Tuesdays they do a lunch time webinar and it is just slides, I love the talks and stuff and they are very informative.  My friend thought it was going to be more of a live video stream type thing, think she was disappointed.  So this will be another thing to distract me at work!!! LOL
Wow that sounds amazing Theresa!! I can't wait! :)
Excellent, Excellent.....Can't wait

So glad to be a part of this community...cant wait for the video... Wish I could have gone to ICES


Sounds great. Looking forward to it

Way  cool Theresa!!!

Great news, Ican't wait to watch and learn.  Thanks Theresa.



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