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If you have made large letters to use on the top of a wedding cake out of fondant/gumpaste - how do you get them to stand up and not topple over?  Do you insert skewers/dowels/lollipop sticks in them before they dry?  If so - do they hold up?  I had a teapot handle disaster the other day (totally fell apart when I tried to attach it to the cake) so I'm leary of even trying it.  I've considered making an entire "base" with the lettering and flowers to help anchor them (so making the bottom of the letters much wider and covering that part up with flowers - does that make sense?) but wanted to hear others' input.  Thanks!

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I always worry about shrinkage as gumpaste dries so I wouldn't use dowels, etc.  You can make a "spike" out of gumpaste as part of the topper.  Insert a bubblestraw in the cake and plant the topper in the straw.  Be careful as you push down the topper - I've had one break because we were not gentle enough.

I use chocolate often times instead you can either pipe it onto parchment or use a mold and insert bamboo skewers or tooth picks into the ends before it becomes solid

I've used skewers. Yes, the letters can spin if they are wide, but you can use more than one on a wide letter. I trim the skewers to size.

I use a skewer of strong , thin type. I let my gumpaste monogram dry very well and hard. Then to cover up the skewer I add royal icing onto the back of the letter and cover the skewer.  Let dry over night. It works great and I never had a problem with it going anywhere.. Happy Decorating

use lolie pop stick they are thinner then a sucker stick. and should be inserted at least 3/4's of the height of the letter.

I use bamboo skewers and roll my gumpaste a little thicker and insert them into the gumpaste.  I do try to use a couple on each letter.  I have done quite a few this way and they work very nicely and you do not have to worry about it breaking as easy.  They are pretty sturdy. 
I've used bamboo skewers or popsicle sticks and royal icing.  I'll also roll out the gum paste thicker than usual or I'll double up on the shapes and insert the skewers or popsicle sticks in between the layers.  It just depends on the topper.
i also use skewers ,but recently had a figure 8 i accidently knocked it when i was moving the cake for the person picking it up ,i was mortified!! so i took it off quickly put it together with royal icing put a design on it ,then told her to leave it to dry until the party and stick it back in the cake ,it did the trick but i shall now be reinforcing my figures that are not straight lol !!!

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