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I know that I can vent to my CWB buddies and you will all understand......many of you I sure have had this issue yourselves. I had a request from someone to do a Sesame Street birthday cake, 30 people, to look like Mr. Hoopers store and the apartment building next to it. Little characters roaming on the street, very detaile buildings the whole 9 yards. When I quoted a price of $100, which I think is reasonable considering all of the hours that would go into: purchasing ingredients, baking, stacking, filling, trimming, covering in fondant I made myself, making all the decorations, trim pieces, etc. by hand to custom fit this cake, etc.....I get "Oh no! That's far more than I wanted to spend!" Okee dokee! Feel free to contact a bakery to see what they would charge or figure out how to do it yourself. Aaaagghh! Thanks, I feel better now. Back into the kitchen.

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Thank you for your support, everyone! I feel soooo much better now....I had 10 cakes and 100 cake pops go out my door this weekend, charged what I thought was one complained, everyone was happy and appreciative, there were tears from a few people who were so happy with the cake they got and I even got two 'tips' for "such great work!" and one "you don't charge enough" comment. It's nice to be appreciated! Now I need a nap.....have a great day everyone - happy caking! 

Yikes Joann - by the sound of things you don't even need customers like the cheapskate one.  10 cakes, 100 cake pops going in one weekend?  I should think you need more than a nap - make that a 'nip' and a nap!  Well done.

Oooooooo!! I like your idea better Katy! Think I'm going to take your good advice!

lol! :))



Do you all bellieve that she had the nerve to send me an email and ask if we could 'tone it down' and 'scale it back' so it wouldn't be so expensive?? And then I had a phone call from someone who wants a cake in the shape of a stage, with lights, scaffolding and sound so that it resembles a concert, with gumpaste figures - 5 of them - that are made to look like each of the actual band members plus some other one hanging off the scafolding.....and then tells me she has a budget of $75. "You can do it, can't you??" Sorry. Too bad Charlie. I need a vacation.....

Ha! Oh, Joann! Thank you for the laugh tonight. $75... *shaking my head* I don't think so!
Omg...ready to go to bed when I read this Joann, jajajajaja, we get them all, don't we? What was she smoking? Lol

Blimey Joann - you really do know where to find them don't you?  laughing my head off here - sounds bad enough in dollars, but convert that to pounds sterling and I'm almost in hysterics.............

some people are really just amazing, aren't they? Think I'll head to the gas station, tell them my tank is almost empty and I need a fill up.....and I'm on a budget of $15. "You can do it...can't you?"  Have a wonderful day, my freinds!!

my best friend just had the same thing happen ! tell them to go to walmart , see what they get ,


If we were all capable of videoing ourselves doing a cake, be it baking/torting/covering/icing, making flowers, figures, whatever in REAL time, not stop & go like TV, and could show the video to the customer, they would really be stunned.
Actually, I told a friend to look at a particular YouTube video of making a flower, think it was a peony. It was in real time, approx 15 min. Of course she explained there was the drying time etc., so the process would take longer. Blew her away. ALL that work for just ONE flower!!! A true eye opener. More of our customers should be exposed to that. Not those stupid DYI/reality cake shows!!

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