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I was looking at the Wilton icing sheets that have recently come out and noticed that Sucralose (Splenda) is listed as one of the ingredients. I prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible and am curious if there is a brand that just uses regular sugar.


Or, even better, maybe someone knows of a recipe to make something like this on your own?

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Wow! Good catch, Bunny! I would never have thought to look at the ingredients.  I wonder why they did that?  I'm also adverse to artificial sweeteners (personal preference and I don't let my kids have them either).

Lucks. OK. I'll check them out. Thanks Denise!

I've noticed that a lot of foods are adding Splenda or another artificial sweetener because apparently it's cheaper - the first thing I noticed was in a cheap brand of soda pop.

It's a bit contradictory for me to say I am a total health nut when we know some of the ingredients in decorated cakes are not exactly diet food, but I look at it this way: I know what "bad" stuff is in, say, my icing and I just eat it in moderation. But I don't want them adding more (and unnecessary) unhealthy ingredients.

I have pretty much given up all soda pop these days . . . :D

There's also Blue Sky soda - these days I'm cutting back for diet reasons - although I do allow myself a little cake as a treat, LOL! ;) I mean, after all, we're talking CAKE.
PhotoFrost also makes sheets that are Kosher and FDA approved. They also have no gluten or trans fat.

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