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I made this Dora cake a few weeks ago based on  a pic I had from internet. I did not have a pan, so I had to cut out the shape. This cake has 2 tiers with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries inside. Hair is from chocolate ganache and colorful parts of cake are vanilla-almond buttercream - no shortening just regular butter. How much would you ask for a cake like this?

I charged $27 dollar with delivery.

After posting on internet, one lady asked about price and I post same price. She never replied. I guess, that is the reason why I am wondering about price. Was it too much?

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If that lady didnt get back to you it's probably because she thinks she can get the same quality cheaper somewhere else. The sad thing is she more and likely going to end up with something not so great. Dont let her discourage you from your prices. I think it's a little low but only you know your market. Stick to your guns and your clients will come. They will know that when they order a cake from you it will be worth every penny.


I  think $65.00 is reasonable and I charge extra for delivery depending on how far it has to go.  My delivery charges start at $20.00 but if it is in my neighborhood or a regular customer then I omit the delivery fee



How do you decide on what to charge for a cake...I have made cakes before for people but had no idea what to charge so I no I did not charge enought..The lady I did most of the caked for always bought the cake pan with the colors it needed..So if anyone can help me with the charges I would appriciate it..Thanks

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July....

that price is a very fair price i would not go any lower, especially with delivery, her loss...she won't find one cheaper.

I had an instructor tell me one time that she charges $15.00 for each box of cake mix or for the same quanity if homemade. that is her base then she charges for the icing and decorations. I would have charge $60.00 to $65.00 for your cake.

We can't tell you what to charge - your area and competition help to dictate that.  BUT, with that being said - even in Po-Dunk town, $27 was simply not enough for that cake. 


I have a matrix I use (the one that's been floating around the internet for a few years now).  It was started by a nurse names Diane and I have since updated and improved it to include boxed or scratch cakes.  You put in your costs and it tells you what to charge based on one of two criteria you answer.  I have it down to a science.  I have tweaked it and played with it and I have to say, it's not perfect  - but darn near!  I give it out for free, I only ask no one links it on the internet for others (I have been yelled at about viruses when i never posted it on the net to begin with).  You can email me and I'll send you the most recent copy for FREE.  No strings attached.  You must have excel to use it.  It can handle up to a 5-tier cake and also produces an invoice for you to give your customer.


This is how I charge.  Then I know at bare minimum I'm covering my costs (for family cakes) double for friends and a profit for everyone else.  subject line: Matrix

I agree with everyone. Your looking at an average cost of $60-$65 so that is a fair price and it should be firm.

As has been mentioned pricing varies from region to region.  *In general* it help to price cakes by the # of servings it yields.  When one sculpts a cake (basically this one is sculpted) you charge for the # of servings the cake you start with serves.  So.....if you started with an 11x15x2 that will serve (I think) 48.  A good beginning price per serving is $2 - $3.50.  Soooooo it should sell for around $100 to $200!!!!! 

Your decorating skill shown in this picture shows the lower price range.  An example of the higher price range would be if it was covered and decorated in fondant. 

Usinf the matrix is also a good way to come up with pricing :)

How many servings was the cake? How big of a cake did you cut down to make it?  It looks like about the same as an 8" in which case I'd charge about $88...

Thanks for every advice! :) I cut it out from 10 inch round pan. It was lot of work to pipe all little stars. I got positive feedback on it. She said it was worth every penny. Well.

I am just amateur, no classes in baking- nothing. I am learning on my own, maybe that is the reason why I am afraid to ask more. Bakers (from home) around here do not ask much. They make 2 tiers cakes for max $60.

Anyway, one more thing. How much would be something like this? It will be 6 inch round cake with chocolate ganache and nutella cream fillings. Same decorations and same cupcakes with similar toppers.

What do you think? Check out attached pic. Thanks :)

I'd charge $20 for the cake +$10 for custom deco +$5 for ganache topping +$2 for nutella filling +$5 per fondant animal (+$15)  so thats $52 for the cake and I would charge $2.50 or $3 per cupcake depending on how difficult the deco is.

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