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How do you paint on fondant and gum paste? or can you?


ok everyone there is something I haven't figured out is how do you paint on fondant or gum paste? I am by no means ready to attack this and it might even be another year before I even do lol. I am just wondering how do you do it? is it hard to do? can you even paint on fondant and gum paste?

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It is also helpful to use Americolor (or some other company's product) of white liquid color to add to the gel or paste colors that have already been thinned and prepared with the vodka or extract. Doing this enables you to mix an edible painting medium that is similar in texture to house paint! I was having the issue of the vodka or extract color mixtures being too thin and running whenever I tried to make them a pale color. The addition of the white liquid color solved that problem.
You can look at my cakes, I used airbrush paints non diluted if I wanted to get the truest darkest color put on with a good paint brush....only a few drops at a time in my little art palete....and diluted with vodka if I want them lighter.  I also mix gel colors with vodka.  I used white for the first time to paint white fabric detail on top of already dried airbrush paints. It only took about 15 minutes for the paints to dry without vodka added.  I also buy small bottles of chocolate or vanilla vodka to mix my paints so my cakes smell yummy once they are painted. :)  Good luck! 

thanks I think the kids would have fun with this it will make a good fathers day desert. So, I just go buy the airbrush paints or gel paint but a little on a plate and let them go at at just like painting on a pic? thanks everyone.


If you use vodka... be sure the kids don't lick the paint brushes ;-)
You can easily paint on your gumpaste. Mix food coloring or dusting powder with a little alcohol and paint with regular paintbrushes (I use separate brushes for painting on foodstuff). You can use any clear alcoholic beverage, like Wodka, Gin, Ouzo etc. or any other non-medical alcohol. I like using Ouzo because of it's delicious smell while I am painting. Using alcohol makes your paint dry quickly so your gumpaste does not become soggy.
I don't think I would turn the kids loose with an airbrush.... be sure you have all of your work area protected because they do make a mess if you are not careful.  Put your items into a box and use it as a background to stop the dye from going all over.    If you are doing a kids project... I'd save the $$$ on an airbrush and give them dried gumpaste pieces to paint with their brushes.  I think it would be easier. 

I use gels only with black and occasionally red or brown.  Otherwise I use the powders.  To me they are easier to blend, and its easier to blend the colors to make your own concoction.  Powder colors are more true and consistant it seems.  Also when you're done they dry up in the dish and when you need that color again you just add vodka again.  The gels dry too hard for that.   


I always use vodka to mix my colors.  It dries fast but not TOO fast.  I get the cheapest I can find.  How much you add depends on the density of color you desire.  Colette Peters taught us to use lemon extract.   I dont like it at all.  It has a much higher alcohol content and dries virtually as fast as you paint it on.  If you are painting a large area it makes it uneven and streaky.   Also it will dry in your dish so quickly it's hard to keep a consistant color.   Vodka mixed colors usually will dry in a minute or two.  Much longer than that can be problematic as well. 


If you are using true gold or silver you only want to put in a few drops of vodka.  It should end up slightly thinner than a paste.  If you are using pearl white to make a fondant ribbon look shiney, use much more vodka. 

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