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Got an email today from Next Great Baker producer and they want me to send a video and pictures of my top 10 cakes!!! I'm floored! Any suggestions on what to put in the video??? I'm stumped! And I only get 72 hours to get it uploaded to YouTube!!

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Dawn - thanks for the heads up.  I'm just fascinated with the whole process and I'm interested in seeing how the whole thing works.   :)
Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!

Oh  my gosh!  I saw this posting and I posted a Congratulations but it didn't appear.  I know why too.  My connection went DEAD!!!!  I am sorry that I didn't check again until today.  My computer connection is working just fine for the moment, LOL!

Eileen, I'm so happy for you!!!  You go girl.  I know you made a video at your home about homemade fondant so just keep that in mind when you do your next one video with all of your gorgeous creations!  Keep you beautiful smile smiling!  Have fun!  And if you happen to make a mistake, everyone does so just go with it and show how you can make a mistake into a beautiful fix!  You have the personality!  You have the knowledge!  You can do it!!!

Keeping very positive thoughts for you Eileen! xoxoxoxo


So happy for you!    Congratulations!
Did you do your video yet, Eileen? I just searched youtube for it.
Amazing Eileen! Congrats!! In terms of what to put in the video...just be yourself and show of your creativity and talent!! Dont be shy to sell yourself!!! :D Good luck and keep us posted!
Congratulations, Good Luck .
Eileen, I ran into Jay Quales (sp?) at an event this spring and he did not say anything bad about the experience.  I asked him  if Buddy's tv self is his real self, and Jay said yes.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just go in with your eyes open!

Theresa - I haven't even watched the video yet! LOL!  I had my husband do all the taping, editing and uploading.  He uploaded it private - you have to have the link to see it.  There are actually 3 segments to it since they sent me 41 questions I had to answer on video (they said to take as much time as I needed).  So if I ever watch it myself, maybe I'll share on here too. :)

Uh, Eileen, you know everyone here wants to see it. Could you pretty please post it on the site?
congrats! Good luck. It's always fun to see someone you know on T.V. Am excited for you!

Oh, Eileeeeeeeeeeeeeen. Could we please at least have the link. I'm dying to see your video. If you make it, I'll come meet you in the city, if they give you a break :)


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