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My husband has informed me that we are buying new appliances for our kitchen so SUPER YAY!!!  I have been given the task of picking out an oven.  It has to be gas but my hang up is convection vs. non convection?   I bake alot of cakes so what is best?  My choices are KitchenAid, Whirlpool, or Maytag....I am also open to suggestions.  We are going to build a house in the next couple of years so this will probably stay with the house so we don't want to go crazy with spending a ton of money.

Thanks for all of the advice you can give me!!! :)

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I have had two convection ovens, both electric though.  I used a non-convection oven for many years so I can compare convection versus non-convection on electric if that helps.


 I like the convection because I can cook more cake layers at a time and there are three racks in mine so I can bake at least six 8 to 12 inch layers at a time.  If I do bake that many at a time I up the temperature back up 25 degrees and it takes a bit longer but they all bake just fine.  I say just fine as long as I watch them and if necessary rotate the pans.   I did not need to rotate the pans with my first convection oven but with the current one I do.  It seems like even though it is fan forced heat the fan cuts off and on with this one and that seems to make it bake a bit unevenly.  But, I still have far fewer problems than when my oven was non-convection.  My current model is a GE Profile.


For my next stove I want to get a 6 burner gas with electric convection.  HTH

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