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Paul called me yesterday, our Challenge episode in the Food Network will air in

October 9. Don't miss it!

Edna :)

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Love love love ur work Edna, will be watching


will watch and dvr... you are an inspirationm love your work :)
I'll be there!

Thanks everyone!! It will be fun to watch!


I can't wait to see you Edna I will definitely be rooting for you I have watched alot of your tutorials and learned alot from you Your buttercream icing and fondant I use ritually and everyone loves it You Go Girl I love all your work
Yeah Edna and Paul!!!  Great job!!!
Congradulations Edna You Did a AWESOME JOB
Congratulations. There was no question about the winning cake. You guys were great!
Congratulations Edna you are amazing!Well done!!!

So glad you won.... now I really, really, intensely regret not getting my pic with you at our DOS...I regretted it before but now I'm wallowing in time!...and you really should take the lead next time Edna, you could do it in your sleep!


Thanks so much everyone!!!! It was hard but worth it!!


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