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I've seen a lot of photos of cakes on here where the fondant looks like satin - it has a nice "sheen" to it.  Can you tell me how to achieve that?  Is it airbrushed?  Something you knead into the fondant? 


I'm asking because I'm doing a bra cake (yes, a bra cake) and would like to make it look satiny.

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think they use a steamer and go over the fondant once it has been put on the cake.
Maureen ~ that's what I've read also. I believe you can go to a Walmart or Targets and get one for $30. That is going to be my next purchase.
I've steamed my fondant and it comes out shiny, but some of the cakes on here look like satin. I revisited some of the cakes that look like that (Maria's pregnant lady cake for one) and a few have said they airbrush the color on. Nerts. I don't have an airbrush.
Pearl Dust should work
I was thinking pearl dust of luster dust - but that's only a guess on my part.
PME makes a pearlized spray that is great. it will give your cake a beautiful shine.
Ooo - a spray! I'll have to look for that online. I know they probably won't have it at Michael's - my only cake supply outlet. :(
You can use a large blush brush (new of course- LOL!!) and dry dust the Super Pearl Luster Dust on.....Its a good alternative if you dont have an airbrush.
Eileen ~ here's some news for you . . . Michael's carries "Duff's spray" for cakes. Don't know if it's pearlized but they are adding on a nice selection of his items (Duff ~ the ACE of Cakes). It's with the Wilton products. I picked up a few of his items and had to walk away because I tend to buy everything.
I airbrush them to get the sheen look,, But if you want just shiny then you can steam them,, :)
If you want a shine and don't want to invest in buying a small steamer, you can use your iron with the steam jet. Just make sure you don't hold it too close. Another method is a tea kettle but it takes more time. I have read about duff's products. I know he has a metallic silver spray but not sure about a pearlized look. I purchased the pme spray on line and it's one of my new favorite tools. I love it on flowers too. Kerri had a good suggestion - it does come out nice with luster dust on on a big puffy brush.
i've used the pearlized spray by pme. and like it. just have to watch the overspray. place i ususally order stuff from is $10. need to get the airbrish pearl. everytime i order it's always out.

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