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I'm trying to teach myself to do some flowers and started with simple cut outs of different sizes layered together.  I did these a couple of days ago in just fondant (white and black rolled together to get a variegated effect).  Every time I touch them now, another bit drops off lol!  Is it because I am just using fondant and it needs something to firm it up some?  I would like my flowers to be edible, but would also like them to hold up.  I know you ladies will have the answer to this, so I await your advices thank you!

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Thanks Rima!  It seems like everyone has their different methods, so I have a lot of options to try.  If I can't get it right with some of these suggestions then I'm a dummy lol!

Rima said:

I roll everything out on shortening.

As is, a little gum paste glue may keep the pieces together, though the addition of some gum paste to the fondant will greatly improve the whole thing.  Gum paste glue is simply some little pieces of plain gum paste dissolved in a small amount of water--enough to make a milky liquid, like glue.  You brush it lightly on the pieces of flower parts and stick them together and let them dry.  If you want marbled coloring, mix the gum paste with both colors of fondant separately before marbling them; mixing the two colors of fondant and the plain gum paste at the same time, you will have to mix it too much to blend properly to get the marbling.

Cyn thank you - this is really helpful.  I keep hearing about the magic properties of this gum paste glue and will definitely give it a try.

Hi Miss Katy!

I agree... Tylose is what I usually use to mix with my fondant for flowers.. I can get the flower petals nice and thin that way, too!  The only time I didn't use Tylose was when I used Satin Ice Black Fondant.. it just naturally dried hard.  Maybe I purchased an old bucket or something... no idea if that's the norm.  There's a class over on for sugar flowers that really turned by sugar flower making around.  I LOVED it.. by Jaqueline Butler, I believe!  Is Tylose easily accessable over there?  If not, I'd be happy to send you some. 




Hi Holly - so sweet of you to offer, thank you. But I can get Tylose here (it's called tylo) and I have started to use that now and getting much better results.  I did treat myself to a pack of ready made sugar paste and that was just a joy to work with, but too expensive to buy every time.  I'm definitely going to check out that class on, so many thanks for telling me about it.  xx

It is all a learning game Katy. I tend to be a "in a hurry" person. Very impatient. Not a good thing. The only flowers I have made without using gumpaste, or adding gumpaste is roses.  Everything else I use gpaste, or fondant/gpaste combo.

Thanks Nadia as well for posting your recipe.  :o)

June, I'm very much the same as you - I want to do everything and do it now! 


That's me!!  Plus, every since I was little I learned slow. Have trouble with concepts. So I get easily frustrated. Now that I am older, I have to say to learn differently...doesn't matter how, or how long it will get there.

Lol I'm the same, wanna do it all, do it well, and do it now! I haven't made gum paste or fondant flowers yet though. I did make buttercream flowers, with a thick buttercream recipe from Wilton. They were roses and dried pretty stiff, so that I could pick them up carefully without breaking them. but definatlely far more delicate than a gum paste or fondant flower. They were beautiful tho! Am going to tackle gum paste as soon as my tylose order comes to me from eBay. Can't get it anywhere near where I live in Western Australia. Ur flowers r pretty by the way :-)

Hi Penny - thanks! x

Hi Katy

I always use pre-made gum paste you can get it in so many colours and then colour and shade with colour dusts which is what i do and if i can do it believe me you can too, there's loads of little video clips on you tube and also on here and loads and loads of books on the subject and thats how I taught myself to do them the main thing is to have faith in yourself, take your time and dont try and do too much at once  and keep making the same things over and over again that way you will notice how much better and quicker you get and that way you dont get disheartened when things dont go quite as you want them to. good luck I know you can do it!!!

Thanks Les, I think that's really sound advice!  I do find the premade paste so much easier to work with as the consistency is just right.  Not the hit and miss affair when I make it myself!  I got a load of tools and cutters etc and wanted to try them all, so was not concentrating on one single flower, which was a mistake, as you point out.  I have done a few more since this and am definitely getting better.  I'm just such a ham fisted person - always have been.  My mother despaired of trying to teach me to knit, saying I was like a bull in a china shop!  I will persevere though, as I really enjoy it and it's so satisfying when it comes out nice.  Your flowers are just amazing and I doubt I will ever get to your standard, but thank you so much for the encouragement.  Things OK with you?  Partner gone to Oz yet?  x

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