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I noticed there are quite a few of us who have Facebook pages for our baking and confectionary talents. I would love to add you to my "Like" list and have you add me as well. Please post your Facebook page names here so we can all benefit from them!


Mine is Karen's Sugar Kreations

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You know what we need - is a sheet with everyones facebook links on it - or you need two computers to keep jumping from this page - to facebook in order to like pages! 

Mine is



Bonnie Moses said:

I sell birthday cakes and teach all things cake. I also sell silicone molds. Check me out at Thank you. Once you like me, then I'll find you and "like" you back!! :)        Hi Bonnie - is your link working - tried to find you but  Facebook said 0 results to me.  Let me know

Found your link and Liked it!
Fiascreations said:


here is my link...

Thanks a million!!

Mine is Creative Cakes By Nana

Hi Karen, my page is CakesbyPaula.NJ




Mine is Sugar, Sugar....still a work in progress but I am getting there!

Hi, ive just joined and my facebook page is Cake Creation.  The Denny one lol.  Cant wait to look at everyones cakes and hopefully get some tips xx

mine is LUELUE's DElights

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