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I noticed there are quite a few of us who have Facebook pages for our baking and confectionary talents. I would love to add you to my "Like" list and have you add me as well. Please post your Facebook page names here so we can all benefit from them!


Mine is Karen's Sugar Kreations

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I can only imagine Edna!
Its really hard Kristin!
I can't even find the time to write a weekly blog entry, so I don't think any of us expect you to keep up with all of us :)
lol... I try!

Mine is Patrice's Pieces


I just started one, it's The Cake Junky


Hi! Ours is Simi Cakes & Confections.
I'm lovin' your cars "lightning mcqueen" cake, wow!

lisa yanoschak said:
hi! i'm lisa from toms river new jersey. i work from my home and have a business called cake emprise. i would love for you to visit my facebook page and comment on some of my cakes. hope to chat with you soon.
Mine is "The Pink Box Bakery"!/caymancake

That's my new page :)
No ordinary cake fansite. No ordinary cake was taken by someone else on FB.


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