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I noticed there are quite a few of us who have Facebook pages for our baking and confectionary talents. I would love to add you to my "Like" list and have you add me as well. Please post your Facebook page names here so we can all benefit from them!


Mine is Karen's Sugar Kreations

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Jennifer Ann's Cake Creations

Going to have a look for u all xx

Mine is kscakes2u   x

I love this idea, will go and do some liking

mine is

Bettina Dwyer said:
Which one is you Laurie. There are HEAPS of SweetCakes pages!

Laurie Russo said:
Mine is SweetCakes
Are there?? Oh my! Well, mine is SweetCakes in Waterbury, CT. :-)
Rebel Cupcakes (Trish Stryjewski) :) Thanks all! I'll be sure to "like" all your pages.

Think I managed to find most of u :)

If I missed u please add me and I will find u that way xx




you got mine

Design Me a Cake



I am sure we would all be honored if Edna became fans of our pages!  :)   :)  I'm checking out your page as soon as I'm done on here!

Oh, and Laurie, can you put a link up to your SweetCakes facebook page, I can't find it either!  Trisha: your Easter cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!  

Karen, your piano with the 3 little pigs sheet music is adorable!  I can't friend The Cake Commando because I use my fan page :(   

K:  Can you post a link also?  I can't find your page either.

This is the problem I have Kristin. I have almost 15,000 people in my fan page. As much as I wish to follow you  all, it's so difficult! :( I even loose the threads and I have to be on top of the notifications so I dont  loose

anybody's message.

Kristin Sabol Kirkpatrick said:

I am sure we would all be honored if Edna became fans of our pages!  :)

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