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Enter your Easter cake by Friday, April 9th, midnight, EST. Voting will
take place from Saturday, April 10th through Saturday, April 24th.
Winner will be posted on Monday, April 26th. Please label your cake
"Easter Cake Contest 2010". This contest is open to all members.

****All you have to do is upload the photo into your profile page and add "Easter Cake Contest 2010" as the title.******

All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. To vote,
click on the cake you want to vote for and make it your favorite. Ties
will be broken by using the stars to rate the cakes. Please note that
not all featured cakes show up on the same page. You'll have to click
"show all" to see all the entries. If you don't see your entry, we may
have missed it, so let either Theresa Happe or Sherry Qualls know.

Winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to A&H Cake Design,
member Heidi Molnar's cake decorating supply store. Winner will also
have winning cake plus other cakes featured in A&H Cake Design's
newsletter and on the website. By entering this contest, you agree to
share your cake photos with A&H Cake Design.

Congratulations Kim Hamilton, our Easter cake contest winner!

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ooo oooo ooo sounds like fun. I don't usually do cakes for Easter but I might just have to make one for our grandson this year!
when will the entry photos be posted so we can see them?
They have to be posted by Friday the 9th of April so I am thinking most will not post them until the week after Easter.
i am new to this how to i enter the easter cake photo at thank you
Hello Theresa,
How many photos are you allowed to enter and how do you post the photo for the contest? Thanks!
Just upload the Easter cake photo and label it Easter Cake Contest 2010. Then I will feature it at the top of the photos section.
easter contest 2010
Karen, please upload this photo into your profile and give it the title "Easter Cake Contest 2010." Then I can feature it in the photos page. I have no way of doing that with it posted here. Thanks!

Karen Garside said:
easter contest 2010


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