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Cupcake liners peel away from cupcakes after baking. What to do???

I have no clue how to prevent it.

I did not have this problem with regular, cheap cupcake liners but I have it with those - not so cheap-grease proof liners.

What am I doing wrong? I would expect more expensive cupcake liners work better than cheaper ones. But I guess price does not matter in this cake.

Any help? Advice?

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I have this problem occasionally and I have found that it is because the cups are not quite cooked for long enough, it usually happens on my first batch in the oven, but I do agree it seems to happen more with the more expensive cases!!
I bought some of the more expensive liners and the same thing happened.  Not just peeling a little away but a lot and from a lot of the cupcakes.  I do not like to overbake a cupcake so I am at a loss for a solution but I had thought about contacting the supplier to let them know.  It'd be disaster for a wedding to have that happen!
Exactly! And that's what gets me. We pay more and expect more from liners like that. Mine are so beautiful but good for nothing. I baked my cupcakes like usually. I baked some in cheap but cute liners and some in those grease proof ones. Guess, which looked ok after baking and day after?! :)

I have had this problem...  I resolved it by: 


1.  Filling the cupcake liner more full of cupcake batter and then

2.  Raising the temperature.  It will cause the cupcake to dome a little, but with the extra batter, it won't overflow.  If it domes too high, lower the temperature down a bit.

3.  Another solution is to add more fat to your batter.  I use oils as my fats so I added a bit more oil and it also helped. 

How high should that temp be? I bake at 350.

Try 10 degrees higher.  I have a convection oven and was baking at 300.  If it domes too high and is undercooked, lower it down 5.  I switched to 310 and have no longer had the problem.  Except for the top rack in my oven, which now causes the cupcakes to dome really high!  So I don't use that one as much. 

I always bake cupcakes at 350.  Anything higher browns them too dark on the outside and I do not like the finished product.  If I use the decorative liners anymore I bake in the regular liners then just slip the cupcake into he decorative ones for display.  They are not tight to the cake but at least it looks like they are intended to be that way instead of the cake peeling from the edges of the papers.   I have a bunch of really nice liners I want to use up then I will only use the white or brown ones unless someone insists!!!
Add a little more batter.
i spray the liners or use cake release works every time
I think 350 is too high for cup cakes. I bake mine closer to 325 for about 14 to 18 mins (convection oven). I aim to get a cup cake where the dome is slightly above the top of the liner (2" bottom) and the edge of the cup cake comes to about 1/8 of an inch below the liner. To achieve this I use a 1oz scoop slightly rounded.

There seems to be no sure fire way to prevent the cups from peeling away sometimes. I do not spray my pans. I have the best luck by scooping the cup cakes and then letting them rest for about 15 minutes before leveling the batter (i just poke the middle of each one down with my finger or the back of a measuring spoon that I bent the handle on for making dimples in stuff) Then I bake half way, rotate the pans, bake the rest of the way. Let them cool at room temperature before placing in the fridge or the freezer.
I had this happen as well - what I did was put them into the plastic cupcake clamshell containers and as they cooled and got a little sticky on top they stuck to the liners better, but there were still gaps on the sides where the finger pick-slats were on the containers, so I turned the cupcakes a quarter turn and let those stick for a few hours.  When I went to frost them, I left them in the container and the icing held the liners to the sides as I went right to the edge.  A pain the butt, I know, but I never used that brand again!!!!

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