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Congratulations, Edna De la Cruz for getting on Challenge!

I just wanted to take a moment to say how happy I am for Edna that she was on Challenge! I will be glued to the television when the episode airs.

Edna is the sweetest, kindness, most generous person you'll ever meet. She literally spends hours every day answering people's cake decorating questions. Few people are so giving of their time. Edna deserves great success in everything she does.

It goes without saying, Edna is an amazing artist. She's beautiful inside and out, just like her cakes!

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Thanks everyone! As soon as I know more about the airing date I will post it!


Edna, boricua como yo! Te lo mereces por lo talentosa que eres; adelante, un futuro brillante te espera. Muy

orgullosa de ti.



Edna is Flipping AWESOME!!!! I have learned so much from watching her tutorials!! She is very generous with her instructions and answering questions!! She has such beautiful cakes!! I will definitely be tuned in when the show airs!! Please Let us know when it is going to be on!!!! Thanks in advance!!
Edna you are an amazing person and an amazing cake artist.  I know there are so many people (including myself) who have learned soooo much from you!  I love the DVD's I have your blooms & vindes DVD and love love love it!!!  Thank you for all you do for the cake community and I can not think of a more deserving person!!!!
congrats Edna!! How exciting for you!!! :) Look forward to seeing the episode, keep us posted!!!

Thanks!! You guys are awesome,  I will keep you guys posted


Congrats Edna....took FoodNetwork long enough....can't wait to see you on Challenge!!!!!
They been asking for awhile Sherry, I just was not ready to go as a leader. When Paul asked me I was very complemented and he is a wonderful person with a great talent. It was time to go..and he was the right match for me.
whoot whoot...I know I'll be watching...I will brag that "Edna is my cake Pal"....Looool
lol Teneisha!
Congratulations, Edna!  This is the beginning of something new!!!  Can't wait to see the airing!
Congratulations!!!!  I am so excited for you and I can't wait to watch!!!!!

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