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so a friend wanted a birthday cake with rats on it, but not cartoon rats real looking rats. so i came up with the  idea of a cheese wheel with rats. 

well here is the finished product what do you all think? I'm really nervouse to show it to her

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Not that I can understand why anyone would want rats on a cake, but it came out cute. What are you nervous about?
For rats, they're kinda cute. Don't be nervous, you did a good job.
I like it. The rats definitely gross me out, so they means they look real to me. She should love it!
thankyou everyone ya rats are her fav pet i wanted to do ratatoui type rats but she wanted gross rats lol im glad you all think it turned out ok i deliver tonight wish me luck lol :)
Good luck, but you won't need's a great cake!
Very creative and clever!
They are- um, cute? You did a great job! Love the cheese too!
I have pet rats and they ARE cute and they make GREAT pets.....I would have made them look a little more like fancy rats instad of wild rats...but they do look more like real ones rather than cartoon-y ones.
you did a great job ! .... i think she will love it. dont be nervous at all.
well i delverec the cake last night and she loved i she asked if she had to eat it or if there was a way to keep t forever lol
sorry cant spell this morning *delivered
yeahhh! We are always so hard on ourselves. So glad she loved it!

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