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Some of you may have already read in the news that Buddy Valastro is teaming up with Dawn Foods to distribute frozen fondant covered cakes to grocery stores.

Those of you who are already feeling the pain justifying your pricing with customers comparing you to Costco and Walmart, get ready!

Chances are, for shipping purposes, these frozen cakes will have to have pretty flat decorations and are likely not to be very sophisticated. I know one of the designs is a cake I've seen on his show which features stacked cut-outs of 5 petal flowers all over the cake.

But, I do think bakeries and home cake decorators are going to be facing competition with these less expensive cakes.

So, it's time to do some brainstorming. Please add your thoughts below.

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This is just one persons opinion, but my aunt lives in NJ and said a friend of hers got a cake from the case at Buddy's bakery and brought it to a party (not a custom order cake).  She said itwas hardly touched because it didn't taste very good.  I'm guessing these frozen versions aren't going to be NEARLY as tasty as the cakes made by bakers here.  I don't see it as any different than the standard grocery store cakes you can always get, aside from the fondant factor.  So, while there may be a little bit of a hiccup as people give them a try, odds are pretty good business will bounce back once people realize a fresh cake is always better. :)

The question is, will the grocery store bakeries be defrosting the cakes and putting them out in the display? Who knows if they will be in the frozen section. I'll have to look into that.

I had a woman in our cake club who was visiting NY city. They had time so they swung over to NJ to Buddy's. They bought several items, including cake & cupcakes. Not custom, just from the from the selection in the case as Eileen's Aunt.  Upon tasting the cake/cupcakes  they were so disappointed. Said the quality was terrible.

All about making the big bucks!!!!

I think, as decorators, our palates are a bit different than the general public's though.  Most people are happy with Wal-Mart buttercream whereas I wouldn't let it touch my lips - ugh.

You are right Eileen. So true. 99% of the public are happy with this type of cake. And yes grocery store "Icing???".... totally gross!
But I find unless you are a baker yourself, or grew up with a Mom/relative that baked, store bought was what was normal, the status quo. Plus cake shows have fueled the huge spurt/drive in cake business.

We should not be worry at all, 

My reply to those questioning my pricing (if they dare to do it) will be "Frozen goods are frozen goods it does not matter who does it.  They are coming from a factory full of employees.  Frozen + factory = cheap product for easy money.  I have seen the cakes already at Costco, they are 'regular cakes', they will never have the WOW Factor.  

If clients are looking for a delicious cake baked with fresh ingredients, custom designs, absolutely gorgeous, with a WOW factor...they won't have a problem looking for us. 

I whole heartedly agree Sandra
Frozen is frozen..... no matter who makes the cake. Actually, if truth be told, I think it damages the Cake Bosses reputation. This is not a premier set of cake pans he is endorsing, but a edible product he puts his stamp of approval on. I wouldn't want a inferior 2nd rate tasting product bearing my name. But by now, it is ALL about the money.
Even a boxed mix lovingly made at home with a decent icing is better than any frozen crap cake you can buy. But if I use my sis & bro-in-lw as examples.... cheap is the way to go. Sorry to say, they wouldn't know quality if it hit them in the face. That is everything from food to clothing etc. Huge Walmart bargain hunters. She cannot bake to save her life. She actually tried a few yrs ago to make a sour cream lb cake AND her own fondant, plus fondant decorations. Cause, come on, how hard can it be, right? Now she is crafty. Ceramics, toll painting, so she assumed she could master the art of decorating. Well let's just say it was a total failure. Then & only then, did she aknowledge how much effort it takes, & that "cake" is not just cake.

I feel for you Sharon

I am only a hobby baker, but I have done a lot of cakes/cupcakes for many people/customers. I get SOOoooo frustrated when I here someone in the family, or church, say...... "Oh ya, you do cakes don't you June".   Someone made a comment, could be on the "needing to vent" posting. She said a friend/neighbour said they KNEW she did cakes, but they couldn't AFFORD  one of her cakes???  I don't want to be busy every wknd, I am retired, but 1 or 2 cakes a mnth would be nice. Just to keep up my abilities, and have fun.  But I really believe that cake is no big deal to the people I know. Store bought seems to suit them fine. The same sis-in-lw I spoke of in my last post, asked me as my "contribution" to a euchre family tournament this Sunday, to make cupcakes. To me, this is pretty sneaky. It is a way to get my homemade goods and NOT pay me.  GRrrrrr.  Well, not knocking myself out I can tell you. Simple white cake, simple bc frosting.

jajajaja, June,,,you are right, there will always be cheap people (and I can understand, circumstances); so for those cheap people there are the cheap cakes from the frozen  

I am really so sorry Sharon that happened to you, I felt your pain reading the post (I believe I would have cried myself to sleep if that happened to me too).  Question though, why did you leave the cake if no one cut it.  I don't know the circumstances, but I think I would have taken the cake back home with me, ajajajaja.  

Next time, tell them to call the frozen department of Buddy, he will gladly send them one.

This all sounds like very bad news for you guys.  There have been so many valid and true points made here.  People that have not been brought up with home baking, don't know any different.  It's the same with many restaurants (at least round my way it is) - the food is average and I almost always end up being disappointed after looking forward to a treat.  I am a good cook and obviously cook to our tastes, but I was brought up in a home where NOTHING was store bought and it has spoilt me for anything else.  I would no sooner buy a celebration cake from a supermarket than put a nail through my foot - but that's just me.  As for poor Sharon's tale - people are so flippin' ignorant - don't they realise what an insult that was?????????

As for the Cake Boss - he is just joining the never ending line of talented people who have a gift, get discovered, make some money and then just can't stop.  Start to think they're God and get greedy.  We have several over here too, I'm sad to say.

Right, now I've got that off my chest, time for din dins!

Not going to worry bought buddys cakes heard they tasted just god awful. I'm gonna try and stay strong here buddy can opps cant say it here lol.

I may buy one if I find them here and let you know how it is. :)

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