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Recently read an article about the new trend at baby showers to have a small "reveal" cake that tells the couple the sex of their baby.  They ask their doctor to write down the sex on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope which the couple then gives to the baker.  If it's a boy you put blue icing in the middle, if it's a girl you put pink.  When the couple cuts into the cake they find out what they are having.


Just wondering if anyone has made one of these yet?  I think it's a really fun idea!!!! I would love to do one. :)

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Sounds like a good excuse to eat cake!

I have heard of this! I had a friend who didn't know until she saw the color of the shower decorations. I think the cake is an even better idea. Its cute and fun plus you get to find out with all the important people in your life right there with you.

I know as a mom to be I couldnt of handled knowing that someone else knew before me though! LOL

That does sound like fun.


That's a really cool idea.  I'll totally suggest it to people looking for a fun baby shower idea.
My bank manager told me about a party like this, only it was called a sex reveal party. Huh? You know what I thought it was :)
I have not had a request for one but it sure sounds fun!

I think a lot of things are fun and think many people are too uptight (as I've shown in that other popular thread right now).  But I just feel over the top silly with this one.  If someone came to me and asked me to do this - I would, of course, I'm here to pay my bills and it crosses no morality lines.  But in my head, I think it's just plain silly and would think it was silly the whole time I was designing, baking, decorating and delivering the cake.  All I can think is: Really?? This is the reality show syndrome sweeping the nation.  Nothing is special and private anymore.  Nothing.  And every thing has to be a "reveal."  Nothing can be shared privately and savored anymore.  Everything is now all about public display and how many people can I show this to?


I think we're taking a very private moment between the birthing couple and making a spectacle of it with a room full of people.  Yes, the room full of people in theory are people you care about it.  But that's a moment I would want to experience privately with my partner (in the cold doctor's office, LOL).. not even my mom.  Just my partner and I.  Then go out and tell everyone - and in a certain order, my mom being at ]the top of my list.


Can you tell I hate reality shows?  But they are so popular and this is where society is headed - our whole lives being on display and thinking it's OK.  It takes away personal joy - those private moments to cherish.  It's sad, really.

Dawn - I can see your point of view - and I know there are many many people who do want that private moment with their partner in the ultrasound room.  Those are the ones that HAVE that private moment in the doctor's office.   They are not the people asking for the cake. 

But then there are those that want to share moments like this with their friends and family.  If they want to include me in that moment by letting me provide them with the vehicle to the announcement, then I'm happy to do so.  Silly?  Maybe.  But if that's what they want, then I have no issue with it.

I don't have an issue with it.  I just think it's silly.  I would absolutely do it and keep my mouth shut while doing it.  I've made some pretty ugly cakes in the past because that's what the customer found pretty.  And as a professional decorator, I drop and leave, so I wouldn't be a part of it anyway.


Now if I were staying for the party, I would feel really uncomfortable that I knew before them - that's just wrong on some level.  I would not be excited at all.  I'd have a fake smile on my face.

Eileen, i've also heard about this.  I think its really cute idea, and its really the personal choice of the parents to be of how they want to share their news.  And if this is the way to do it and they want a cake - then why not!!  I would totally do one if i had a request for one!!


When i first heard about "Divorce cakes" i was taken back about it too, but after researching it's becoming a really popular trend. 

I did some baby reveal cupcakes a few weeks ago for a former bride!  Someone from the doctors office called me and told me what sex and I filled the cupcakes with blue cream cheese filling!!!! 


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