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On Monday, October 10th, Linda McClure will be doing a live demonstration at 8 pm EST showing you how to print and cut both gum paste and icing sheets with an electronic cutter. 


Ask your questions here by Friday, October 7th. Linda will be drawing from the names of participating members to give away the following items:


  • an Agbay Junior leveler
  • Icing Images icing sheets
  • a complete set of a class they did - includes a Cricut Create
  • Acer netbook computer with a version of Make the Cut that works with the Cricut
  • a complete class on DVD
  • large bottles of Americolor gel colors

Don't miss this great event!

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I have a question about printing on gumpaste.  Is it possible to use my normal printer to use food ink cartridges (if I can find the food ink cartridges for my printer model) to print on gumpaste?   Or do I have to have a dedicated printer to use food ink cartridges?
I have another question about the software you are using with Cricut.   When I went to the Make the Cut website, it says that the software is no longer compatible with Cricut.   Are you using the older version that works with Cricut?
I have a cricut for my paper crafts, therefore, it is NOT food safe.   I'm not a professional so I do all of my caking for personal satisfaction, mostly because it is FUN!  I have cut out shapes from my cricut cartridges and then placed it under wax paper to trace then on top of my fondant to cut out by hand.  Sound like the hard way and of course it is not perfect and I'm limited to what I can do.  Is there any other suggestions you may have for me?  I'm looking forward to your demo!
I plan on attending your online class on Oct 10 and I would love to buy your videos but I live in USA! 
What is your favorite brand/recipe for gum paste and fondant?  Is it possible to cut intricate designs using MMF ~ do you need to add anything, such as tylose or gumtex?
I haven't update MTC but it's no longer working with my cricut, any ideas?

I have a question about the Silhouette.. I have the cricut.. never really used it. I've heard a lot about the Silhouette please tell me the difference in the two electronic cutters.. I do want to buy the silhouette but I would like to know more before I invest money in something I can't use.



I heard the SCAL no longer works with the Cricut due to copyright issues.  I'm sure MTC is the same situation.  I bought my SCAL before all that happened.  So I'm still good to go.  I have it on an older laptop that this is all I use it for.  Obviously any upgrade I do will get rid of that perk.
Linda - how thin should the gumpaste before you put it through the cutter to make the best cuts?  I've had it pretty thin before and the blade pulled the design and it looked sloppy.  Any tips to stop this from happening?
I bought the silhouette cake package from Linda, but just can't seem to get it to cut out the intricate designs that are provided on the CD.  I am using the gumpaste recipe from the DVD and thinning it to a 7 or 8 on my pasta maching and letting it rest a day or two, but the silhouette just tears up the gumpaste and gets all jammed up.  What am I doing wrong?  Are there any more tips or tricks that Linda can share for cutting small or intricate designs - like some of her damask type designs?  On that same note...what is the best way to clean out the jammed up gumpaste?  Thank you in advance!
Dumb question: where do we go to watch the demo?
You just click on the ustream button on the left side of the screen.

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