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Hello Everyone,

I can't believe I've volunteered to teach cake decorating at my Church's Youth Summer Camp. I have been working with two age groups. The first group we call K.D.C. (Kids Decorating Cakes) are ages 6-9, that's my squirrelly  group. They spend most of their session eating frosting! They have frosting every where and all over themselves. Sometimes they act like the frosting has the kooties when it gets all over their hands. I love them, but following directions is not one of their greatest ability, so I just keep each activity fun but structured. Oh yeah, a lot of "Go wash your hands, arms, necks, face(LOL)! My second group, their ages are 10 to 17. One of the activities we did was team building and learning to follow the direction of recipes, they made homemade ice cream in  ziplock bags. That was a blast. Everyone have has had a session working in fondant, piping using the round, star and leaf tip so far. Seeing the decorated baked goods: cookies (6-9 y/o) and cupcakes (10-18 y/o, even the volunteer camp workers) I made for them was really rewarding!  Best Wishes!

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