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Hello Everyone,

I've been experiencing some amazing adventures these past months with learning to make a pretty decent MMF that my family and friends like to eat. Also, I've also, been dabbling at making gum paste from scratch to make sugar flowers. Mainly the sugar flowers I've  been making, were from fondant mixed with Wilton gumtex.  Wow, a whole new world. Most the cakes in my profile were mainly BC or RI. I'm so happy to have an audience who are willing to try fondant and let me experiment on them.  Hope you enjoy my cake pictures as I have enjoyed yours, as always it is a great learning experience.

Best Wishes and Happy Caking,

Pam Brown

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Comment by Pamela Brown on March 5, 2011 at 10:24pm

I have been looking on the web the other day at some recipes for gumpaste. I did see the Scott Clark Wooley recipe. I can't remember if his called for egg whites or if his is made from gelatin. Some of the recipes I've seen called for egg whites. I'm allergic to eggs.  Those recipes I have to be care of. I saw a recipe where I can sub the egg whites with egg white powder. Also, I seen the recipe  with the use of clear gelatin.  The fondant recipe that I just discovered is called Buttercream Flavor MMF,  it is soooo tasty and not chewy. Very easy to work with also. You can see the first attempt with the picture of the "My Sister's Wedding Dress" . I will check out your recipe too on Youtube, it sounds absolutely wonderful.

As always, Thanks and Best Wishes


Comment by Deb on March 5, 2011 at 10:06pm

Hi Pam,

 Have you seen Scott Clark Wooley recipe for home made gum-paste? it's the best! the fact that it's over -all less expensive...and yet a better paste then most I've found on the market is a major plus! As far as MMF I found a rather easy one on youtube that's work up very easy and also works very well with oil flavoring.


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