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Class with James Rosselle and Marina Sousa

I had so much fun last week taking a fashion accessory class with James Rosselle and Marina Sousa. They are two incredibly talented, nice people who are completely unaffected by their television fame.


The class took place at The Chocolate Duck, owned by Christina Bisbee-Rost who has also been featured on many cake shows and is a contest judge on this site. We actually went to the same high school and met because she was friends with my brother on Facebook. Small world, right?


During the two day class, we made a clutch bag, shoe and box with jewels.





James and Marina











I even got to meet Jay Ellis while I was there, pictured far right. He actually works from the kitchen in The Chocolate Duck.










This is my clutch bag in progress.











A flower sitting to dry which I eventually stuck on top of the jewelry box. Other people put it on the clutch or the shoe.










Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but now the purse is lightly airbrushed with silver.










This is my finished class project.











If you get a chance to take a class with these 2 masters, don't pass it up!

The local paper, The Farmingdale Patch, did a news story on the class. You can read about it and see a video here:

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