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I just find it comforting that we can find sites like this that help us get ourselves out of a seemingly rotten situation once in awhile. I am a bread making teacher, immigrated here and without knowing anyone to help me go around the city, it is a complete physical and emotional blackout. From Asia, to America. I have been thinking of going home, and just when i am ready to pack up after only 4 months, i saw sites like this, maybe it is the angel i prayed for who whispered to me and told me, why not study cake decorating first, and then if you still feel like going home, then do it.

So here i am, a new lease of life in America. A bone thrown at me when i am supposed to give up. I am taking the Basic Cake Decorating at Michael's Craft store, will take 3 more classes after and then will start from there. Cakes we bake will be a part of my life. If it weren't for this i will book myself home.

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Comment by Denise Piantkowski on September 11, 2010 at 9:14am
I know how you feel...although I haven't moved as drastically as you did from another country, I did move to another part of the state not knowing the area or anyone there. I got married and moved to his home, in which there are no neighbors to speak of. Starting out, I had no close friends to speak of...even at my workplace. I did switch jobs and meet a few new people; but when I started cake decorating, it seems that I am more accepted now - and I can't figure that one out!! When I joined Cakes We Bake, I found that the people here are so sincere and friendly, and have helped me out A LOT!! I don't have any place around me that has cake decorating classes, so I am on my own to learn....and this site really helps me!! Welcome to the U.S. Shirley, and know that you now have at least one more friend here!!
Comment by Theresa Happe on September 8, 2010 at 6:28pm
Hi Shirley, It is so incredibly nice to hear that this site made had a positive influence on you. I feel the same way about so many nice people I've met since I started it. Since I moved 3 years ago, I've only made one friend in my neighborhood. I consider the ladies I talk to here to be my closest friends. Hope to get to know you better :)

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