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I am so glad I am doing a practice run of my purse cake.  I am following a video tutorial (using my own pattern), and that doesn't seem to be the problem.  I used my chocolate cake recipe and have carved with it before, freezing it slightly first, but it is crumbling as I try to form the contours of the purse.  When I curve the side outward from the top and back inward at the bottom, the side crumbles off and won't hold the weight of not having anything below it.  I know that the buttercream and fondant will hold it, but is this normal?  Should I freeze it longer (shorter) or use a different cake recipe?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  This is for a special client and I want it to be perfect.

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Very understandable, Mandy.  I will try the sparkle on my next attempt.  As an aside, I do have a market for my scraps - I give them to my neighbour. She loves cake but can't have a lot. I freeze the pieces on a tray then bag them. She keeps it in the freezer and pulls some out when she wants a tart.  If there is tot much I send it off to our youth group - they are not picky!  But I think this next time I will try spackle
Mandy Nel said:

Good luck Laurie - the reason I use spackling is to make use of all the cake that is carved away and which I really do not have a market for - except my hips and they sure have had enough marketing for a whole lifetime :-)

I just found this one on pinterest - not read yet but you can give it a looksee :-)




I find using homemade denser cake recipes work best. They set up better in the freezer for carving. I have used box cake mixes with pudding and an extra egg recipes on some cakes.

Karie Collins said:

i've never used spackle to form on my cakes. chocolate (or any less dense cake) will give you the same result. i cover my cakes in a lot of cling wrap and freeze for 15-20 minutes. you also should use a serrated knife and remove small sections repeatedly instead of trying large ones all at once. when i do mine, i remove 1/4 -1/2 inch at a time instead of an inch at a time


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